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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

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Developer: 2K Games

Publisher: 2K Marin



The XCOM series has been around from way back, released in 1994 for the Amiga computer system. The XCOM games were for their strategy turn based game which I must say are some of the best strategy game out there.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified throws a curveball for all the XCOM fans and what they have come to expect from their games. With this release we finally get to see the franchise in a full 3D shooter. Even though they have made this as a shooter there are some of the strategy feature added to make the combat a little more the like it was in the earlier games.

The game takes place in the 1960’s during the cold war as secret government program is scrambling to regain control after being attacked by aliens.

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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified plays a lot like any first person shooter, has the same WASD controls, the only major difference is in this game you can hit the spacebar to change orders to your companion and helpers. This similar to the other XCOM games that had come previously.

As you get into The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, it is like jumping into a 1960’s sci-fi movie. You have it all, swearing, lots of smoking, and some ugly little aliens that want to take over the earth.

You take on the role of William Carter and ex-service member who has begun working as a G-man.

As the story opens you find yourself in Groom Range (Area 51) you are in a room waiting to deliver a briefcase to XCOM director Myron Faulke. A women comes to the room telling you that she is there to escort to you to the director and that she would take the case now.

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You refuse as you’re under orders are to give the case to no one but director Faulke. She emits mysterious blue fluid that engulfs her body, showing her true self as one that is infected by some alien technology or biological warfare device.

She fires a shot at you that hits in the shoulder and then she grabs the briefcase. As she open the case she is blown to smithereens by an intense blinding light from the case.

You awaken fully healed and you’re determined to understand what just happened, by find director Faulke.

This is where you will start you adventure I let too much out of the bag as it is.

If you looking for a top of the FPS this isn’t you game (COD and the Battlefield do a much better job than this), at time the controls feel sluggish and the aim is shaky at best.

At time you get the feeling you’re in a game like Serious Sam, that’s has unlimited amount of enemies, that just keep coming and coming.

When you die on a mission the game punishes you way more than needed, your better at some instances to just reload an old save and start it over than trying to push on. Very weird.

Your base of operations really serves a very small purpose, other than wandering around and see what information you can find on your next mission, but for the most part it is nothing more than a time sink. The only real purpose of the base is to get the next mission to continue on.

Another big ball dropper by the development team is the implementation of alien guns and weapons, but there nothing special the regular gun do just as much damage. So why even have this in-game?

Your squad mates are dumb! You have to hold their hands all the way through most missions. You would think these guy would be the elites of the Bureau but apparently there not.

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Graphics are smooth and crisp, what else would you expect from the unreal engine. You truly get a feel for it as if you we in the 1960’s.

The modelling is well executed and textured excellently. The architecture looks great as if it was something from the time period as the story explains.  I can’t find anything to complain about the in-game graphics.

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There is nothing in this games sounds that I can say is bad, the sounds are put together well. Dialog is well done to the story, although I’m not really sure why the story is written the way it is.

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If the game didn’t the tactical combat system where you can change commands on the fly, this game wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans. That really makes this stand out as an XCOM game, but the squad mate AI sucks, you have to hold their hands while on missions.

Like a lot of game that have come out recently the story is very short. Also the story is a bit skewed, nothing is covered about modern-day XCOM or how the tie in together.

The single layer story is pretty short I finish this in 3 days, which is longer than most but still short. Maybe 10-12 hours of playing time by my estimation.

You have a scientist at the base that has learned how to use alien technology, but you never really get anything cool to use like the aliens have.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is a fun game that can get frustrating at times, controls feel sluggish, with a lack of direction, and not a whole of imagination.

Verdict is 4 of 6



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