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The Crappy Event and the Case of a Missing Moderator

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 The Crappy Event and the Case of a Missing Moderator

I have been a fan of the Japanese Manga, One Piece for a very long time, I thought Eiichiro Oda, was brilliant to take a piece of the world history and hide it in the story of the manga, a lot may not notice it but the arcs of One Piece are based on true events, he mixed fantasy and a bit of humor and the right amount of drama to put excitement in the story.  That’s why when I heard that is releasing a browser type MMORPG game that is based on this popular Manga, I didn’t hesitate to jump right into it.


I will provide you with the review later on about the game, the gaming community there is good, most of the time the ambiance is just right to relax and find a new friend.  But the case is different with those moderators, they are one of the most annoying parts of the game, making fun of those newbies and giving you with crappy answers.  On my past article a lot of you already know that I am not the best of buddies of the moderators, but I don’t hesitate asking them questions especially if there is something I do not understand.


Last night was the event called the “Battle of the Marineford” it always happens every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  It was the battle of two factions wherein the East and West will be given the same amount of enemy with the exact same strength, the one who inflicted the more damage come out as the winner and a reward of chest full of shells to increase your equipment attributes.  During this time, most of the players will come online hoping that their faction will win and will be showered with those rewards.  But there is a condition on it; you have to land a hit on those enemies.  Pretty easy right?  You just have to land a blow once and that’s it.


Wrong, the truth is, the event is “almost exclusive on the VIP users, so I pity those free users, you know why, because the enemies are invisible to the naked eye, they will appear every now and then for a few second, that’s the time that free users can try to attack them, well supposing they’re not yet dead.  As a VIP user, I have the benefit of using the auto battle mode that will just attack random enemies.  I do not need to see them, I just have to wait for the system to find me an enemy and I will receive the reward.  What a Breeze for VIP users.


Nah, you are wrong again.  As you can see on the screen snap while two Blackbeard and Yoda have inflicted a very high damage on these enemies, I myself haven’t landed a single blow.  A lot actually were not getting a hit from any of those enemies and they are also VIP users like me.  Every time that this event will occur, I’d be lucky to have only one hit, while the others are having more than a dozen of it, which makes it so frustrating.  So last night a Moderator was present, again I was the lucky guy to crack the question to the moderator (while so many people are complaining).   This moderator is so annoying it’s like he own the world chat, even announcing to the whole community his physical attack, the number of his items, and yes his dinner for tonight.

pocki pirates

The conversation lasted only for a few minutes; actually you couldn’t even call it a conversation because I didn’t receive any reply.  While the battle of the marineford was happening and he was too busy announcing to the whole gaming community on how his “Hawkins”, a character inside the game, is stronger than anyone out there, I asked him about the problems we are experiencing about the event “How come those players always managed to land a dozen of blow while most of us are lucky to have one?”  I waited 5 minutes for him to reply to my question, but sadly I didn’t get any reply.  I can tell that most of the players are also waiting for him to answer since the world chat became so silent after my question, and as you can see on the screenshot only those notifications are showing on it.  It is so easy for him to say that he will ask those who are behind the event and he’ll get back at me as soon as he know the answer, anyway the private messaging never fails to work. Calling on those people behind the game, how do you train your moderators to deal with your gamers?


But come to think of it, it did bring a positive thing inside the game, now we know how to shut those moderators every time we feel like they are stepping over the line.  Ciao!

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