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The Dreaded Launch Day!

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launch day

Launch day can be a crazy time to be a gamer, even crazier for the development team. I have had some launch day experiences that were really good and I have some that were really bad. These days are way too unpredictable and the state of some games will never truly every be ready to play without quirks and bugs, but that is the nature of the beast.

We as the average player don’t really know the behind the scene and what stress the development team is under to perform. Will the hardware hold up from the surge of new games who have taken the day off of work to play?

Launch days are to a lot of people a mini holiday of some sorts, after waiting the development time doing nothing but reading blogs, it’s time to play now.

Launch Day

It has taken 2, 3, 4, or more years to get to this point. Alpha testing, beta testing, now they say the game is finally ready for everyone to enjoy.

In most situations launch day can be slow just for the fact of the surge of new players and you will get lag. You will get over it in a few hours, so don’t vent too much on the forums, nobody wants to hear it anyway they have dealing with it too.


Bringing everything back to reality here, this is the way most of my launch days begin!

I’m stuck at the loading screen! What’s going on I say, my friends are in game I can’t play!


So today I ask you, what is your most memorable launch day or worst for that matter?



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