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The Gaming Population

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The Gaming Population

The gaming population is composed of different people with interesting attitudes, it seems like they managed to carry their persona to their virtual characters, some of them would really get into your nerves, and some are very likeable while others have a world of their own.  Let us enumerate the many types of gamers based on their traits that make up the gaming population.


These are the people who have experience all types of bullying as a child, and they are the one who finds their place in the virtual world, they are the one who hates the real world.  Haters will grow their character into a level that they cannot be picked on by most of the players.

Denial King

They are the one who keeps on denying that they are a fan of the gaming world, they tend to discard their old games but can be usually found at the gaming section of the department store to locate for the newest game.  They only play the hottest game; they can easily abandon their characters even though they already spent a reasonable amount of money for it.

The Lonely Cowboy

Gamers who likes to take on a job alone, doesn’t like to join a party or a guild, rejects any friend invites he’s getting and is almost invisible to the gaming world.  But ironically they like people who do not interact with them, and they have a very strong opinion regarding games but unfortunately they are not willing to share that since they hate socializing with others.


They are the type of players that falls under the “hardcore” category; they pretty much know all sorts of things about the games they played.  People might look at them as very arrogant since they are not ashamed to show it to the public how knowledgeable they are in a certain game.  They are not to be underestimated….ONLINE.


The gamer who will play anything and everything that you present to them, who cares if they do not like it; they are there for the experience and friends of everyone.  They know about the latest news  on games, not because they want to play it but just in case someone might bring it on a topic, they constantly lie about playing a certain game,  they are the “real arrogant gamer”.

The Close-Minded

A person who believes nothing but himself, anyone who doesn’t believe in his ideals is a trash.

The Classic

People who experienced playing the old console games like the Atari and wanted to experience the new age gaming.  They constantly bug gamers about questions that can be found on the gaming site.


Someone who possesses a vast knowledge about the game, but unlike the Nerd-byte, they don’t like blabbering about it unless someone asked them.  They are the foes of the “nerd-byte” and the Collector usually appears victorious.  While the Nerds-byte will shout it to the whole world, post it on a forum site and flood the chat option that they beat a player; the collectors will just keep quiet about it.

Mr. Complain it all

The newbies, people who started way too late and will complain everything about the game, they will complain why it’s too hard to grind up, why their character levels are too low, and why the hell would a statue be built in a middle of the forest.  They blame everyone but themselves.

The Trickster

Scammer, Cheater, Bot-user, etc.  They refused to play game fairly and will find any loop holes of the game and take advantage of it.  While their hacking ability seems on a high level their gaming skills are nothing but ordinary.

Record Holder

The gamer who wants to attain something inside the game, they want their names embedded on a site as one of the top gamers, they appear victorious on anything about games that have rankings.  They love taking quest that will flash their names on the World chat.

The Dueler

They are nowhere near the Haters, they love dueling and competition but in a very friendly manner, they do this for fun, they find excitement in dueling against a character that is controlled by a live player rather than fighting against the NPC monster.

The out of the box thinker

They tend to utilize the games in a different manner, some might even start their own event that will be copied by the others,  Does anyone in here played MU Online, the fence outside Lorencia wasn’t used as a race track till someone asked a group of people to race against him and uploaded it on a video sharing site.  The event became very phenomenal that similar servers tried to copy it.

The lazy-ass gamer

This has got to be the worse gamer I’ve seen, someone who just played the games randomly without even reading anything about it.  He keeps relying on other players about equipments and items.  He constantly asks for the high level players to accompany him to the extreme dungeons for a higher experience.


A combination of Casual and Mr. Complain it all, but they know better than the Trickster.  They are boasting about the large collection of game they have but hardly possess any of it.

The  Masters

They are better equipped than the  Collector, unlike them the Masters focus on a specific game and put all of their dedication and heart unto it.    They are the gamers who gained respect for the other gamers by simply proving their capabilities.  Most of them have find ways to generate an income from gaming.

The  Reluctant gamer

They are the non gamer, or at least they claim to be a non-gamer but if you place them in a game situation, they often surprise everyone in the area with their gaming skills.

Free gamer

The gamer that downloads anything he wants,  he hates paying for the games thus wasting his time on using free trials and abandon the game immediately the moment he grew tired of it. Plays the game to cure his boredom.

The Seasonal

People who take great care of their items.  They love a good conversation about gaming, but sad to say they are the type of players who finds the fun in gaming in just a limited time.  They will tend to focus their energy on other things later on.

The Unfortunate one

One who loves the game with all his heart, knows everything about the game, has a long list of his favorite games, but lacks the financial attributes to support his hobby.  This type of gamer, can often be seen on their friend’s house, indulging himself with his friends’ gadgets and games.


The gamer that will do anything to upgrade his consoles or characters.  These are the people who will tell you the most ridiculous story about gaming, whether he  finished the whole RPG game in just 2 hours or managed to collect all the characters, even characters that does not exist.

The Moderator

They are the reason why the “unfortunate one” exist,  the gamer who will initiate gaming events, invite their friends over for a good match.  They are always willing to help, they know a thing or two on games that they do not played.

The Ghost

Guild member who always say that he will appear on the next guild battle but always misses it.

The Cavemen

Gamers who love the old consoles, like Atari, Family Computer and yes even brick games.

The Spoiled Brat

Not actually a gamer, will buy something that any gamer wants, but will not play it.  He feels like it is better to be envied by the gamers, THEY HATE SHARING.

The Elite

One who loves rubbing it on your face that he is a Master of the game.  Only have few friends, most of them are in a level higher than them.  Refused to be associated with the newbies and mid-level players.

The Most Unfortunate one

One who was always in a gaming shop, but doesn’t have a means to support his hobbies, no Moderator to support his gaming thus being contented on admiring the posters and game paraphernalia in the shop.


Did I miss anything? Where do you fit in the gaming population?

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  1. On July 14th, 2013 at 11:27 am , Wayne said...

    I’m the person who worships technology, gadgets & makes his living off digging into the inner depths of operating system issues, but hasn’t played a computer game since Pong! Great site though, congrats on your recent first anniversary!

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