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The General Chat Tab!

Posted on 2/19/2013 by with 0 comments

Why do they have a general chat tab in games today? When I’m online for the most part the general chat is more like the weird or the bitching about something chat.

General chat is not for faint of heart anymore. If I’m trying a new game and don’t have any friends in that game, I look to the general chat for help with game-play issues. I believe that’s what the developers had in mind when they put that channel there to begin with.

I see more and more nothing pure garbage in general chat. I don’t need to hear another “your mamma is so fat” joke there! Gossip about the game and where it is heading is fine, but gossip about the latest reality star or sex tape doesn’t need to be there. Don’t get me started on the idiots who talk about politics who don’t even know what the branches of government do!

In some games the general chat is nothing more than a venue for gold and currency sellers to display their wares. Being someone who plays a lot of games I have experienced this many times on some of the free to play games, but I guess that’s the price of paying nothing to play.

It used to be that general chat was used to help the noobs now it is used more for making fun about noobs. Help your fellow gamers out when you get a chance. What do you use the general chat for?

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