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The Guild Leader Episode #13

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The Guild Leader

Raid Leadership.

This week I want to take a look at something I haven’t really talked about much and that is the art of leading a successful raid. This is the guild leader’s responsibility to either be a competent raid leader or make sure you have a raid officer to lead the guilds raid.

So in most cases this will be a role for the raid officer, but some smaller guilds have the guild leader running the raids. In my guild I have a guild officer to run raids, so I have had some help from my raid officer to write this today.  

Raid leader = Raid Coach

Think of the raid leader as a coach that helps maneuver players in the right locations, barks out orders and instructions on how to defeat each designed raid zone.

You need to be the expert on the raid zone but also at the same time you must be a motivator of the players that are playing the raid.

The Basics of running a successful raid!

Research: This is probably the most important part about leading a raid. The raid leader needs to do some research on how complete the given raid. You should know the map well, anything that will be needed to defeat bosses or enemies and what to tell other players to look for.

Make sure you do your research or you will regret it later as you get slaughtered.

Outfit: Make sure your raid group is properly outfitted for the raid. Stock up on potions and items that are needed for the raid. If anything is needed make sure that is communicated to guild chat/voice chat that help is needed provided these items.

Schedule: Make sure you select a time to start raid events so that people can be there and ready to go. We all have real lives, well most of us do anyway, but scheduling makes everything easier so we can plan out where we need to be.

Jobs: Make sure people know there job in the raid. Before enter the raid zone you need to figure out the jobs of each person in game. Make dedicated healers, who will do the pulling, and of course who will do the damage.

This step might require some planning in a roster form you could actually come up with these jobs while doing research for this raid.

Learn your enemy: This is also part of the research section, but I normally take separate notes about the bosses and opponents you will face in the raid. Learn what enemies have for weapons in the raid and how to counter their effectiveness. There are so many thing that can be looked at. Be sure you look how these enemies attack are there any holes in their defenses, find them before getting into the raid zone.

Glorious raid leader!

Being a raid leader isn’t all glory and when things go wrong they go wrong fast. Being prepared is the best solution for the raid leader.

Being a raid leader or raid officer isn’t for everyone it takes planning and good leadership ability, along with barking orders without thinking too much about it. If you meet these requirements you might be then next best raid officer.

As the guild leader you need to have the ability to provide leadership to your raid group, whether you lead or delegate to a raid officer this should be handled  as we described above.

The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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