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The Guild Leader Episode #19

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Guild Leader

Guild Chain of Command

Here is the way that I set up our guild management and our chain of command. This isn’t practical for all guilds, but it is a good idea to come up with some sort of chain so that people know who to look to when help is needed or who pose questions too, this also helps the guild leader out a ton.

This will also limits the amount of communication to run the guild, your officers shouldn’t get bogged down if the chain is used. So here is my guild chain with brief descriptions for each position.


Guild Leader

Pretty self-explanatory

Executive officer

Your right hand man can take over for you at a moments notice.


Tactical Branch                                     Administrative Branch

Everything combat/quest/raid related                  Administration, disciplinary, planning


Tactical Branch

The tactical branch conducts everything related or needed to secure your land and guild properties. This branch is also responsible for leading guild parties and raids.

In our case the Executive Officer runs the Tactical Branch. So make so all question concerning tactical get issued to him or her.

Officer assigned to Tactical Officer Roles and descriptions in order of chain of command.

PVP Combat Officer: These officers are normally the highest skilled players in game. They adapt and are able to find weaknesses in enemy defenses fast without hesitation. They are very good at giving orders while under distress of combat.

Guild Defenses Officer: Will oversee all work needed to maintain guild defenses and or lands. Must be skilled a planning and organizing working party with little or notice to defend guild keep. Guild Defense Officer will also have to work well with administrative officer for resource planning along with receiving all requested items/crafted items for defenses.

Raid Officer: This officer is an expert at planning and running groups through raid stages and events. This will know all weaknesses and all items needed to succeed in raids.

Guild Leveling and Grouping Officer: This is a versatile officer role that has them jumping around from group to group. This officer will be a helper of newbies along with organizing party/groups for leveling up guild member’s characters and questing.

Combat Planning: Combat planners work with other tactical officer to make sure that people are properly outfitted with gear to be able to complete tasks as needed. Combat planners will also work together with guild administrative officers to receive funding and or part, equipment from guild bank and crafters.

There can pretty much can be an unlimited amount of officers and job titles but these are the important ones that we use on a daily basis and these work very well for us.


Administration Branch

The administrative branch can get a bad rap about, a lot of people will say they do nothing, but in all reality this branch will do the lion’s share of work for your guild and they need to be respected for that.

In our case the Guild Leader runs the Administrative Branch. So make so all question concerning administrative get issued to him or her.

Officer assigned to Administrative Officer Roles and descriptions in order of chain of command. 

Guild Banker: The guild banker must be the most trustworthy person in your guild, they will tasked with even distributing the plunder of guild raids, groups, money, and the crafting resources as needed.

Recruitment Officer: We have talked about recruiting many time, it is a tireless job. The recruitment officer not only recruits but should also be skilled in weeding out any potential problem members before they get accepted to join the guild.

Crafting Officer: Coordinates with fellow guild crafters the needs of the guild. Works with guild banker for procurement of resources and money needed to fund crafting projects.

Event Planning: Planning as needed for all events and guild related public relations for your server. Works with other officer to make all guild events stand out.

Disciplinary Board: This is not a full time job or an officer’s role, but this needs to be mentioned as a role under administrative. These guild members get the job when needed to convene and here all evidence before passing judgment on fellow guild members.

The administrative Officers contribute in other ways and are a very important role to play in a guild as I said before there can be an unlimited amount of officer these are just the important ones that work well. Each guild will have their own setup, but I hope these give you an idea on how to set up a chain of command for your guild. 4

The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.






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