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The Guild Leader Episode #2

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The Guild Leader

The Guild Leader “What kind of guild are you running?”

As a guild leader one of the first questions that needs to be answered when running a guild is what kind of guild are you running? Most of the guilds I have been in fall into two categories. Which are casual or competitive. That sounds a bit simplistic right now, but only to make this easier to understand. Believe me as a guild leader you want easy!

Casual Guilds

A casual guilds tend to be a close knit group of friends or people with the same play style. These tend to be smaller guilds. These type of guild don’t really need a guild leader for the most part. Just a figure head leader to open the shop. A lot of the guilds I have been in  or run have been this style in the beginning. Once your small guild is overgrow then they tend to be more on the competitive side. Although I did run a larger guild (300 members +) that still remained casual at heart in Star Wars Galaxies (SWG).

Casual guilds will have 10-20 core players that all play for the most part together. Most of the time spent in a guild like this is to help only other guild members. Like a small family environment. A casual guild is a great place to start with the building for your first guild. I good casual guild is very easy on the guild leader, this guild can run itself.

Family Guild: Are smaller outfits that tend to be run and manned by mostly closer friends or small family groups. These require the least amount of organization and rules. It’s all about having fun! Guild leader role is limited, just play the game.

Role Playing Guild: Role playing guild can be a bit strange to the non-role player. These guilds tend to attract a lot of wacky people who are out to have some fun. People who join these guilds will stay in character most of the time. Requires organization to keep the people in line but still in character. Guild leader must be good role player to succeed in this style of guild.


Competitive Guilds

Being a guild leader in a competitive guild is much hard than a casual guild. Competitive guilds are the giants compared to casual guilds. I have run guilds like these that have hundreds of members and most players have multiple characters to make sure that every class is available at any given time. As a guild leader for these type of guilds you must stay organized so remember to delegate to your staff.

These type of guilds play the raid game, can overwhelm the local in game economy by cornering markets, and dominate in PVP matches with advanced tactics.

Competitive guilds are not easy to start, normally growing out of a casual guild as the member base expands and player skill levels increases. These guilds also require much more organization than casual guilds. These guild require a guild leader and staff that are on the ball.

Leveling Guild: this is normally a large organization that allows players of all skill level join, for the sake of leveling up together and growing as a team. Due to large player base must have good leadership and organization from the guild leader. These guilds have a very high turn around. Players will be coming and going a lot.

Raiding Guild: this type of guild is extremely organized. Having staff members working as teams, doing all required research of raid level boss types and running events on end game level mobs. This type of guild requires the high skilled players, so having a very strong guild leader and officers in place is needed.

Organized goals and what is expected of each player should be displayed for all to see. This type of guild can be a real pain to lead but the most satisfying also.

PVP Guild: PVP guild are always on the competitive side regardless of size. These guild will organize with the best gear for domination of the PVP ranks. These players tend to have the highest skill level in game. So this guild leader should be very experienced leader and player.

Well that’s my run down on the types of guild as I see it. Hope you enjoyed this article, please stay tuned for the next episode the Guild Leader coming soon.

The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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