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The Guild Leader Episode #21

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Guild Leader

Guild Officer Role: Recruitment Officer


Yes I know that we harp on recruiting a lot here, why? Well it is one of the things that gets asked the most. As a guild leader you need to have the right person running your recruiting campaign, so that only the best qualified recruits get put into queue for your guild.

Believe me your worries of recruitment can go down a lot when you have the right recruitment officer and team out there pulling new members for you. So today let’s talk about the role of the recruitment officer has in your guild.

Recruitment officer’s role and objectives:

Recruitment: Of course the first and foremost priority is to recruit new members for the guild and at the same time maintaining the guild standards for recruiting. The Recruitment officer should take on the role of lead recruiter and if needed use assistants to help with the recruiting process.

The recruitment officer should work well with others and also be able to guide other recruitment staff while still holding true to the guild policies, as laid out in guild charter. Recruiting is and can be a very hard task and the guild leader should be very supportive of all of the members of the recruitment team.

Advertising: Getting the word out that you’re recruiting is normally a nonstop process, but getting the word out with annoying the whole server is an art form.

Using all the tools at your disposal for recommended such as the guild website, guild recruiting channels in game, having events, crafted items sales and giveaways, newbie starter kits to new members, and whatever else can be used in game.

Staying current: The recruitment officer should understand all current policies regarding recruitment of new members along with understanding the state of the guild to discuss and explain it with new members.

This is also useful in explaining the goings on in the guild, such as when/where raid or groups take place, any events, any scheduling needed be explained to new members.

Judge: The recruitment officer must be a good judge of character. This task can be hard, but is crucial in weeding out bad candidates for good ones.

In some guilds the recruiting officer has the final say in whether a person should enter the guild, I this case the recruitment officer has to 100% percent sure of member so remember to screen your members.

Communication: The guild recruitment officer should be able to communicate everything necessary to explain guild policy, what is expected from new members, how to join events and groups, who to discuss any guild related problems, and everything else needed to new members.

The guild recruitment officer can think of themselves as a hand holder for new members, because until they understand how the guild works, they have you to ask questions to.


The recruitment officer will never get the credit that they deserve but are an integral part of a successful guild and the guild leader’s best friend if they follow through and do a good job! I hope that more guild leaders would give credit to where credit is do, but sadly that isn’t the case with most guilds. As the guild leader you can change that right now!


The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.



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