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The Guild Leader Episode #22

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Guild Leader

Dealing with real Life.

In the Beginning

Being a guild leader has it perks, you should normally have a say or make the decisions on what should be done for you guild. Some may find that a little stressful, but it shouldn’t be that way.

I got into being a guild leader more or less for the soul reason that nobody else want to lead, I let my military training take offer and the rest is history. As you lead a guild you will the most immense amount of pride flowing through your body, from the members and the changes that you have made for them.

Being a guild leader one of the greatest moments of gaming career, and there shouldn’t be any fear of taking on the task. Yes you will make mistakes there is nothing you can do about that, its part of the job and a good learning tool.

As you continue you leadership you will run into roadblocks that aren’t normally discussed or are ever talked about that’s where we’ll go today.


Dealing with real Life.

Everyone has problems. I know I do, but what I try to do is leave mine in the real life and not in my guild chat or voice chat. Sometime it’s hard to do, but this is for the betterment of the guild.

Now this won’t always happen with your members, they are online sometimes just to talk to other member, maybe when there feeling down. You will find that because you are the authority figure online that they may want to tell you about their problems.

Whether it is relationship problems or car trouble I have heard more than I want to about other people’s problems. Is this a duty of the guild leader? Not really but you have to go with the flow so to speak and a lot of stuff jumps at you when you least expect it.

Real life has a way of catching us by surprise, but don’t let it change your leadership in the guild.


You have to play the hand that was dealt to you.

People will ask you for advice about a lot of thing you never thought about. I would never give advice on anything but game related items, unless it is someone you know in real life and can trust.

When your asked for you advice on things, please be very careful you don’t want to open yourself up to a lawsuit or something silly like that. The best answer for most things that have legalities attached to them is “I don’t know”! You will hear things you don’t want to hear. I have heard criminal confessions, lots of drug related stuff, more than enough spousal problems, and lot of stuff I would rather not talk about here. The choice is yours to do with this information what you will. All I will say is do the right thing.

We deal with stuff we don’t want on a daily basis, there is no need to deal with this in game, but as the guild leader it will happen it is a matter of time. When the time comes please be ready.


The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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