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Guild Leader Episode #23

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Guild Leader

The inactive Guild Leader (Guild Leader is MIA)

I can honestly say I haven’t been missing in action when I was running a guild, but as life always throws us curve balls in our real life sometimes it’s hard to not have an interruption in our gaming time.

I have made it through earthquakes, hurricanes, ice storms, and even a few floods as a guild leader with little or no outage in my gaming time.

So, today we want to talk about what happens when a guild leader goes missing for a while or even longer and what should happen to the guild? This isn’t common but it does happen so let’s get prepared.

In the beginning

When you started your guild it was a glorious event, with plans and aspiration to be the next best guild on the block. During this time the guild leader was all over the place making sure everything ran smoothly.

We have discussed the initial guild setup procedures in previous episodes, but for convenience I will summarize some of that here now.

If you followed my recommendation for setting up your guild, you created a charter and other required documents to lay down the laws of the guild. As with all rules in the charter there should be one entry made about inactive members.

Inactive Members     

Inactive member should be emailed to see if there is a problem that can be taken care of by guild members or the guild leader. If there is a guild issue this should be taken care of as quickly as possible.

You will find that most of the time a player quitting or taking a break from game was lead from personnel issues outside the game. This can be hard to lend a hand to this person other than saying it in an email.

What we have done is laid out the rules for inactivity for our members, so now you should just decide what is good for you guild.

Inactive Member

All members that are inactive for a period of a month (30 days) will have all guild privileges revoked. This is not to punish the member but protect your guild assets.

All members inactive for more than 60 days will have rank reduced to inactive or non-participating status.

Inactive Officer

All officers inactive for a period of 20 days will have all privileges of an officer revoked. A subtle replacement should be found and promoted to this officer current rank at this time.

All officers in active for a period of 30 days will have all guild privileges revoked and a reduction in rank to member.

All officers inactive for more than 60 days will have rank reduced to inactive or non-participating status.

Inactive Guild Leader

The inactive guild leader shouldn’t really be an issue if you planned this out already. The main difference is you will be excepting directions from an interim guild leader (the guild’s current 2nd in command).

As we have written out already, if the guild leader takes a break the #2 will take over the guild and nothing has changed as far as the guild goes. The guild leader should put something out to the guild just to let everyone know what’s going on. “Hey guys I’m moving and will be without internet for the next couple days, so I’ll see you when I get back online.”

Guild Leader MIA

The guild leader left and there has be no word from them for days, emails are sent no response and guild wants to know what should happen next.

The guild needs to take time off (no more than 30 days), during that time the #2 will take the helm, until the guild leader has returned.

If the guild leader is inactive for a period of 30 days the guild should proceed in finding a permanent replacement. The privileges of the guild leader will be revoked at this point and will be given a reduction in rank to officer status. The guild will take the next 3 days to compile a list of members willing to take over the job of guild leader.

The list will be made available to all members for a vote to select a new guild leader. The new guild leader will be instated to take charge of the guild.

If the guild leader is inactive for 45 days will have all guild privileges revoked and a reduction in rank to member.

If the guild leader is inactive for more than 60 days will have rank reduced to inactive or non-participating status.


Being the guild leader has its privileges but also carries a lot of responsibility to your members. Hopefully you won’t have to experience any of the stuff I listed above, but if you do make sure you have this in writing in your charter so that everyone knows the rules.


Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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