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The Guild Leader Episode #25

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Guild Leader

What makes a good guild leader?


First off its hard to believe that were on episode 25 of the guild leader, where did those 25 weeks go? I hope you the readers have enjoyed the series so far and thanks for reading.


What makes a good guild leader?

I’ll break this down into a lot of small topics.

Do your best: Well for me I always try to do my best, even when I have no idea what I doing! Really if you try to do your best nobody can fault you for not trying and I think that’s what most people want in a guild leader. At least that’s what I would want out of my guild leader.

Be active: You run the guild try to be online to help it thrive.

Supportive: The guild leader should be one of the best in-game helpers. You need to help and support your member that’s part of the job of a guild leader.

Knowledge: You should be a vast database of knowledge of everything in-game, if you don’t know make sure you have a quick way of finding out what your members need.

Patience: You must be patient enough to deal with a lot of things at once. Sometimes you will feel like a babysitter, get used it.

Focus: The guild leader needs to be focused on what needs to be done and lead the guild to those goals set. The ship will never make port without someone steering it.

Resource management: The guild leader must be able to manage resources to accomplish whatever is needed.

Personnel management:  Management of your member by weakness or lack of leadership abilities is something that leaders have been doing for hundreds of year it’s no different now. You need to learn how to read people and make note of any issues or strengths, keep a notebook if you need to.

Power tripping: Just because you the guild leader doesn’t mean you’re a god, if you don’t run this guild to help others then you need to step aside and let someone else lead. If you don’t step aside your guild will fall apart over time anyway.

Judge of character: You must be able to judge a person and figure out if this person would be a good match for your guild. Also if a person needs to leave the guild.

Judge and jury: You must be able to discipline people and be able to judge with any bias. You must be to see things from different point of views.

Delegate authority: You must be able to give jobs out to other players because you can’t be in many different places at once.

Laugh at yourself: There is no need to be serious all the time you need to have fun. Things get screwed up and you will screw things up, learn to laugh it off. People like funny people so try it, it will work wonders on morale.

So when you look at that list above that’s just a few of what makes a good guild leader. I think we could list stuff for the next full week, but it still wouldn’t cover everything.

To be a good guild leader you need to be a great manager with a great support net, you need to lead for the common good, you need to learn and learn fast how to read your members, you need to learn above all else to have fun with it.


 Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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