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The Guild Leader Episode #3

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The Guild Leader

The Guild Leader “To Charter or not to Charter that is the question?”

I have been a guild leader that had and without a charter and I can say that having one is better than not. I cant even count how many times I was asked, when starting a guild should we write a charter? Well the short answer is yes, yes, and yes. But why?

Why you should plan on writing a charter for your guild? 

Well the benefit in having a charter, is you have laid down the laws of the guild and they should be posted so everyone can see them at any times. This will make for a lot easier times ahead when people ask if the guild should do something or not.

Well that’s why we went ahead and wrote a charter to answer the most common things that come up and we even laid out plans to change if that is ever needed.  So let’s jump in to writing your charter and what will be needed.

What goes into a charter?

Guild Name First and for most the Guild Name. As said before please name your guild with pride so your members will have pride in the guild. This is more or less common sense but go into your favorite game and look at the guild names you will find.

Guild Mission statement. What is the whole purpose of this guild, let everyone know why you started this guild. List a few things the guild would like to achieve.  Any goals or why this whole thing got started. Some people like to add some background history of the founding members here also.

Location of Guild (Game or games and where the guild meets in game). Game name server locations. List more if you plan on being in more than one game.

Guild Values. (What is expected of guild members?) List out the requirements of the guild members and staff. This is nothing more that explaining the ways that people associated with the guild should act. Some call this core values and a lot of us call this plain common sense. Treating all member with respect yada, yada.  Yes I just yada, yadaed guild values!

Current Leadership Guild Leader’s name and listing of guild officer’s jobs (any privileges and authorizations). List out rank structure of officer and their duties for everyone to see. Delegate responsibilities to the guild officers. Website officer, raid officer, leveling officer, bank manger officer, etc.

Rank of members. This will make it easier to see who can use the guild bank, who is authorized to bring in new members, etc. List should include from Guild Leader down to lowest member. Remember as the guild leader you need delegate your powers to others, this in hand will add camaraderie to your group. Its funny how a title can change everything, but that for another place.

Disciplinary Board First list the members of the board (recommend board of 3-5 people). Dealing with problems in the guild. No matter how tight a group you have you will always have a difference of opinion and this could start off an in guild war. This needs to be stopped ASAP and this is what the disciplinary board will deal with this and any other problems that come up. Should the guild leader be on this board? That’s up to you but I would say no.

Recruiting of new members. Who are we looking for as a new member and what is expected of a new member. Should you have an application or an interview process for new people? It is highly recommended that you have a members group play with new recruit candidate before accepting to guild.

Guild events. During guild events certain member will be assigned jobs. The guild leader should let the officers lead and plan these events. These are very important to making it an enjoyable event for all.

Amendments Board. If needed a board for amendments to be made to charter. Yes you will need to amend this charter without a doubt, so make plans for it now. Also list the members of the board here (recommend 3-5 member on the board, always and odd number so there are no ties).

Some guilds prefer that all the members of the guild vote for amendments, that is fine also but being ready to handle the voting on you website can be a pain depending on how many member you have.

The responsibility of the leadership of your guild is make sure that all of the members of your guild have read and understand the charter! The Guild Leader

After all this some will ask was writing this really necessary, well yes and no. If you just have a family guild you don’t need to waste any time on this, but once you have a guild with people from different walks of life. Without a doubt you need a charter to keep people in line and make you life as a guild leader easier.

I hope you enjoyed what I laid out for you this week, next week on The Guild Leader we will tackle the task of what goes into creating a good guild name.

The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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