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The Guild Leader Episode #33

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Guild Meetings


From time to time I read a few other columns that are all about running a guild and being a guild leader, now for me most of these other columns are pretty different than mine because they focus on a lot on games that I have no interest in or that I have played. So recently I began reading one of these articles and I said I can one up this one so that is where we are today.

Guild meetings?

For the guilds that I have been part of guild meetings have not really been used. Why? Because we communicate on a regular basis between in-game chat, voice chat, and our website that we set up in an earlier episode on this column.

I can’t say this enough, to have a guild that is strong you need to be able to communicate with your members, if you have this nothing can stop you! This one of the most important thing for a guild leader to focus on.

See I got myself off track a little bit already. So what is a good reason for a guild meeting? First I would say is lack of communication between guild leadership and its members and this is not good. Guild meetings are not necessary at all, if you have planned out your guild properly.

My version of a guild meeting is a fun event that we can all enjoy the game and each other, without dealing with any guild related issues. Like a raid event or some in-game theme park that can be done in group.

The real reason for a guild meetings.

Guild related elections if your guild participates in this type of activity.

Major guild announcements, were building a city, the guild is folding, game is shutting down where will we be going next, change in leadership, changing servers, guild punishment, guild banishment, all guild related major infractions by members. Major announcements should be done in person if possible.

There are a lot of guild that have meetings to introduce new players, that is a nice gesture to new players, but once again not necessary if you have good communication. The news of your new members should already have gotten out, so that people know they have a new person to grind with.

To have guild meetings or not to have a guild meetings?

In all my days leading guilds I have only had a few actual guild meetings, but I have had many meetings with the guild counsel or disciplinary board.  The meetings I try to have are with smaller parts of the guild so that nothing taking out of context and we all stay on the same page.

So as I have said guild meetings are not necessary at all, you should use large gathering of guild members to build the team and make it so there is a good camaraderie between members, by working together. That is 100 times better than everyone standing around wondering when this bubble-head of a guild leader will ever be done talking.

Regardless how serious you take your guild leadership this is still a game and people still play the game to have fun, so let them have fun, but together as a team when all possible.

Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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