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The Guild Leader Episode #32

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Running your guild like a business.

 Recently I had a conversation with a former guild leader that opened my eyes to a whole new way to run a guild. He talked about how they ran there guild just as if it was a business and how this was a new approach but it worked very well.

Overall not a lot changes are made to the guild leadership, except with this method guild leadership is under scrutiny from the guild officers which elect the guild leadership.

Board of Directors

The officers of the guild act just like a board of directors. These officers would vote to elect the guild leader every 12 months or as they see fit to do so.

To me this is a different concept in guild leadership, but still somewhat similar because I have always allowed a guild counsel to help with difficult decisions and changes that effect the guild as a whole.

I just wonder what effect this has on the guild members as they deal with leadership changes on a frequent basis.  


I guess the guild membership would amount to be the stockholders of the guild. My guess is there is a lot of lobbing when these elections are about to happen. I can see election process as a way to form tension in guild.

As everyone has an opinions and feelings about what it is right or who is the best candidate for guild leader. One thing I always avoid is talking about politics in game. What you have formed by this frequent election process is inner guild politics.


If this is not handled properly then you might have a shattered guild with members wanting to leave, as they might feel left out of the process.   

This an interesting way to lead but with consciences, if your guild goes this route you must have an officer’s board that stresses the guild leader to keep the guild moving in the right direction. The officer’s board really has more power that the guild leader so they must really act as the example to lead and to motivate the figurehead guild leader.

Will this type of leadership work? Yes I think so, I like the idea of shared leadership to limit burnout, but I don’t know if the change of leadership yearly will change the moral of guild members for the better or worse. There is only one way to tell, but I’m not going there right now.

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