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The Guild Leader Episode #37 Leaving a guild, on good terms?

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I have been asked many times, what is the best way to leave a guild without pissing too many people off? You may not want to burn to many bridges, but that can be hard. To really answer that question we need to know why you want to leave in the first place.

As a guild leader you will see good people come and go you really have no control over it sometimes, but building an environment that people like and enjoy to be in is your first job. After that everything will fall into place for you most of the time.

So let’s look at some reasons to why people will leave your guild.

Leaving a guild because of mismanagement.

This is probably the biggest reason to leave a guild. I have been in some really rotten guilds over my time in games. That’s part of the reason I began writing about life in a guild and being a better guild leader to begin with.

Leaving a bad guild there probably isn’t a way to leave with hurting someone’s feelings unless no one over there cares, which might be the case. IF the guild is mismanaged and their not listening to the voice of reason, then give up already and hit the road.

Leaving a guild for personal reasons.

If you are in a guild and you need to leave for personal reason there should be no reason why a guild or a guild leader should hold a grudge against you. Unless there is another reason for you leaving in the first place.

Let’s face it today, a lot of people just don’t have the time to play as many games as they used too. They need to work more hours to take care of their family. I have seen some of my best guild mates stop playing games because of the economy, it’s a sad fact but

Guild Leaders have a life too (well most of them do), they will understand that you need to work some things out and that shouldn’t be a problem. If it is a problem then you probably didn’t need to be in that guild in the first place.

Leaving just to leave!

The way I look at it, is for every good player you have and keep they are worth 3-5 members. If you’re a good member and you leaves you need to try out 3-5 new members to get one of them to replace that good member. That’s just my numbers the way I see it now.

If you’re a member of a good guild and you leave just to leave without a good reason it’s kind of hard not to burn bridges in the process.

Leaving a guild isn’t that big of a deal, in fact it might be harder on you because you won’t be seeing all the people who made you join in the first place.

Regardless of how or why you leave a guild it is a good idea to leave on good terms because you never know when you might need a hand. It’s a lot easier for a guild leader to explain to the guild why someone left if there is also a reason.

The hard part is trying to replace a good player and that’s just one of the tougher jobs of a guild leader.


Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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