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The Guild Leader Episode #39

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Is your guild hardcore or casual?

One of the question I get the most as a guild leader is are you a hardcore or casual guild. To be honest at first I didn’t really know how to answer that. First off what is hardcore and what is casual?

Hardcore: From my point of view a hardcore guild is mostly a raiding or PVP guild that operates as a military machine. Some people might say this fun, but it is to some people. The one thing I remember about hardcore guilds is there is always a lot of drama in the guild because there are big egos here, not always, not always but it can be like this.

Casual: A laid back and friendly guild that has a family like environment. Casual doesn’t mean we don’t play hardcore, but just not all the time. I really don’t like the terms Hardcore and Casual and I tend not to use them much. The best way to answer this question in my mind is to ask the person asking the question, what they think hardcore is?

My guild’s setup.

When you decided that you wanted to take the leap in to being a guild leader and setting up the guild for the first couple weeks you should had a vision to lay out everything so new members knew what they were getting into. I think the best way to set up a guild is based on your play style. So if you’re a hardcore PVP player then that’s the guild you want to run.

For me it was easy, were a guild that is segmented in to groups that like to do their own things like (PVP, Raid, craft, and PVE). We can jump from one to the other when we feel like it and that’s a great way to keep people happy. Are there ego’s running around are guild of course, but they tend to stay in check because it is more of a friendly guild. In our raid chat channel, sometimes thing get heated, but they tend to stay there, so they don’t ruin the rest of the guild’s night. They know that others don’t want to hear about it.

Common sense, helps when you need it, and being respectful is what a guild should be all about. I hear horror stories daily about other guilds and I don’t understand why it has to be that way. As a guild leader doing your part to set up the guild makes everyday life in the guild that much easier on everyone. So do yourself a favor and setup your guild right first.

Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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