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The Guild Leader Episode #4

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The Guild Leader

The Guild Leader “What makes a name a name and what makes a name a guild?”

One of the toughest jobs of a the guild leader is to name the guild. In previous episodes we discussed the importance of naming your guild something with flair and how you should pick a name that invokes pride in your guild. So today were going to discuss what makes a good name.

When I go about starting a guild I plan to create a guild that is better than all the ones I have joined previously. So when you look to name your guild think about what I just said the line before. You should name it in a way that your showing pride and emulating that this guild mean a lot to the people that are part of it. As the guild leader you should be the proudest member!

Guild Names that people remember!

You want people to see your guild tag and say wow those guys know how to play this game, those guys are the model players of this game and I wish I could be part of that outfit.

Now I do understand that some people are creating a guild for fun and don’t take this serious, for them I can understand a silly guild name. Hell I created a guild with just a few close friends called “The Chickenwings” it was more or less a joke guild that wasn’t taken serious but you should have already got that from the name. Am I proud to say I was the guild leader of “the Chickenwings” not really, lol.

Great Guild Names


Defenders of the Light

Keepers of the Realm

Golden Knights

Bad Guild Names

The Chickenwings

No skill just luck


Friends with benefits

A Name for the Record

Please let’s just get something straight if I named one of your guilds above I’m not making fun of you or your guild. I just want to set up a guild for success and name like that doesn’t normally help a whole lot. Yes I know guilds with crazy names do succeed and some succeed because of the name but I bet that they are few and far between compared to the more contemporary named guild.  

When I say great guild names I mean there noncontroversial and you not going to be sending out any mixed signals. This is what you want if you plan to build it in to a major player guild.

As a guild leader a good name can promote your guild and make recruiting much easier.

If you have a small guild and never plan to build it into one of the giant guilds that we talked about in earlier episodes than by all means name you guild after one of the Kardashian’s undercarriage. I’m also sure there are a few guild leaders that wished they had named there guild something better before they grew up.

I’m not sure if a guild name can make or break a guild, but when there is a clear name and a clear message then you guild can operate smooth without having to explain what your guild stands for all the time. Believe me make it easy on yourself the guild leader,  your already busy enough managing the guild as it is.

Naming your guild is a very important step in forming a great guild. The best way to name your guild is to come up with some ideas and ask 3-4 other members what they think works best. Your name is your identity in game for all members, so please name it with pride.

Thanks for reading the guild leader, on our next episode we’ll talk about getting your guild website setup and what should be included on the website.

The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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