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The Guild Leader Episode #43

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Guild Leader

Setting goals for the guild.

I got a question from a reader that asked, what is the most important thing to do when setting up a new guild?

I would say that you must set up a charter and then you must come up with goals that you want to achieve as a guild. I have harped on the charter far too much so let’s move on the later of the two.

Setting Goals

It’s just a game and were just here to have fun, why should we be concerned with setting goals. Very true! In order to compete with other guilds and to overall work as a team, goals will act as a road map to which direction the guild is going.

What are good goals to set?

Setting recruitment goals, like we want to recruit 3-4 new members a week. Why so low? Well you want the best candidates, people who will that will help for a long time to come. Start low and work your way up in recruiting.

In the early days one of my main goals was to find some officers that I felt could lead when I wasn’t around. You should think about this early on too.

Make sure that scheduling is done so that there are groups nightly so that everyone gets a chance to play and play their style. It can be hard to keep everyone happy, but it is possible with a little work. Scheduling doesn’t sound like a goal, believe it is!

Remember not to forget the crafters! A lot of time they get over looked, but they shouldn’t. A lot of people like to craft so make sure the guild help these people as much as it help the combat parts of the game.

Make sure that someone is always around to answer questions. These newbies need help. This in one very important aspect of leading a guild. Make sure that everyone is more than happy will to lead a hand to new people.

There might be some special item in-game, you might want to set the goal that everyone in the guild gets that item or title to prove your worthiness to the rest of the server.

I ran a guild once that always want to obtain the best PVP scores as a guild. That’s a great goal if you are a PVP based guild.

Starting a guild city if possible is one that we set in Star Wars Galaxies. After the city was established we began building player built malls and stores so that the town and guild could make some cash from the sales of items. We had more money than we knew what to do with very quickly.

Just remember in the early days you must be prepared to take the brunt of all problems head on. If the guild fails at a task, its your vault and take it, because it will boast your team so that it doesn’t happen again. That is a way to support the guild by taking the blame.

There are so many goals you could set I hope I have given you some ideas to lead you guild to the top of the hill.


Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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