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The Guild Leader Episode #46

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Recruiting players from another guild?

So I had the question asked to me, is it is acceptable to recruit a member from another guild. He quick and easy answer is yes and no.

No way!

I don’t actively go out and recruit members from other guilds. I see this as something that is very underhanded and low. Yes from time to time you will see the being done in-game, but a reputable guild would never you this tactic for his/her recruitment needs.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of smaller guilds, so I know that a lot of guilds can’t wait to get there next player to join. Just remember that using this method could get you on the blacklist from other guilds and they will not to trust you guild on your server. Once you have this reputation that can be a hard thing to shake off.


What happens when a player is unhappy with a guild and decides he wants to make a switch. This is acceptable to recruit this member. It’s a player choice, over the guild he is part of.

That makes sense, but what happens when you have a bunch from the same guild that want to join your guild. I have had this happen a few times, normally I would contact the other guild leader and let them know they have some unhappy guild members that want to join your guild.

When I did this most of the time it was pleasant without any problems, the guild leader was leaving game or had a different point of view or vision for the guild. Let’s face it you don’t need people in your guild if they don’t want to meet the guild goals.

After talking to the guild leader I have no problem taking these members in to the guild.

Let’s face recruiting is the one of the hardest job in running guild if you play by the rule you may not explode with new members, but at least you did without making any enemies.

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