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The Guild Leader Episode # 47

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Guild Leader

The Always Needs Help Type

I love getting emails from readers so, I figured I would try to answer another one today.

The email starts by saying being a guild leader is hard enough, but besides your daily work as a guild, what is one of the other things that makes life harder.

I started thinking about this and thought that the best answer for this would be most likely personnel issues. A lot of these issues can worked out, but a few of these cannot.  So let me talk about a player that will from time to time get under my nerves, which is funny because normally I can pretty much deal with everything without problem.

I need help!

The person I am talking about is a type of player that has a hard time doing anything by themselves, or they ask way too many questions before trying and normally needs help completing the easiest quest/mission.

Best way I can describe this type of player has a lack of faith in their own abilities. Not sure if this person has very low self-esteem in real life or if this an in-game issues with not being able to play on their own merit.

Now let me say this that the whole goal of the guild is to help its members achieve their goals in-game and at the same time to help the guild achieve its goals. So as a guild leader you are supposed to support all players, plays styles.

If you are a guild leader you will run across one of these player eventually, I promise you that.

I know one guild leader that told me they have a player that is like this all the time, so they cycle through people to babysit this player. I don’t recommend doing this because your player base is busy, they’re out there trying to have fun. This isn’t a fun assignment for most players.

For me one of the best weapons to combat this type of player is to compliment them on how well they are playing, that is if they are playing well no need to lie about. This can help turn a player in to a better player, along with helping them take risks, which is part of gaming right?

There are something’s you can find out, does the player need new gear, maybe they don’t understand what a quest/mission is asking them to do, or sometimes the player is just lonely and they need someone to talk to.

Remember to keep an open mind and to listen to your members they might be telling you something by not telling you anything at all. As a guild leader you wear many hats and continue to do so, don’t throw any of these hats away.

Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.


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