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The Guild Leader Episode #56 Why did you join my guild anyway?

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Every week we tackle a lot of the common problems that cause the guild leader a great amount of grief and so today I thought we should have a little fun here going over some more problems and problem people.

As you are at the helm of what you call a guild, you sometimes have to wonder why some of your members ever joined a guild in the first place. Let’s face it the world is a big place it’s great to have a few friends to enjoy it with and the extra hand doesn’t hurt when you’re out numbered, but sometimes I wonder why some of these people joined a guild in the first place.

My all-time favorite person to hate in a guild in the person who steals from other people. They joined the guild with the soul goal of taking advantage of people who tried to help them, pretty sad.

Then there are the people that joined a guild because their friend joined, but when it comes to helping other members they can’t be bothered. I have seen this a lot in the past, luckily I haven’t had this issue in a while.

I can’t forget the spoiled little brat who has an unlimited credit card from mommy to buy whatever they want from the cash shop. They join a guild to flaunt their latest and greatest items from the cash shop. It doesn’t matter what game you play you will see this.

Then there are the lazy players that expect everything to be handed to them because they are in a top guild. Yes the guild can help you when you need it, but you must put in some effort too.

We always have egos that tend to clash at times that is the nature of the beast in gaming. Normally nothing really happens it just takes a few minutes for things to cool off.

Joining a guild can change everything to the way that you play, but when it comes down to it the main goal is to cooperate to make the group stronger. Sometimes I think to myself why did you join my guild anyway?

Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.



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