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The Guild Leader Episode #6

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The Guild Leader

The Guild Leader Episode #6

How to recruit for your guild?

Being a guild leader has its perks, now it’s time to do some work for the betterment on the guild as a whole. If you want your guild grow you need to recruit! Without a good recruiting policy and recruiting staff you will never attract the people that will make your guild successful the way you want it to be.

Being brutally honest recruiting can be a royal pain in ass, but if you have the right staff recruiting can be fun and great way to increase your presence on the game server.  Being the guild leader you are overall responsible to maintain a proper recruiting force yourself included.

Just be ready for the influx of new members don’t grow too fast.

How do you recruit?

Think of it this way your recruiting efforts are similar to selling a product, you advertise to people that might interested and then with any luck you sell a few. This is the same way recruiting works.

If your game has a recruitment channel then that is where you should start.  The Guild Leader’s Rule #1 never stand in a congested market or gathering area in game and spam. I would recommend no more than a message once every 30 minutes. More than that will just piss off the people in game.

Recruiting message should be short and sweet. “Newly started guild, seeks new members (all levels) for friendly and helpful leveling guild!” This is a really basic but you should get the idea. When you have 2-3 member out there talking to people and getting your message out there you will be surprised how fast your guild will explode in size.

If available it is highly recommended that you use official and unofficial forums for recruiting. Most games have forums for each server this is the best place to start for out of game recruiting. Here you can explain a little more adding details and requirements.

Explain to possible candidates what makes your guild stand out from all the others.

The Guild Leader’s Rule #2 sell your guild to new candidates, because you take pride in the guild!

One other think that can’t be stressed enough is to be honest about your guild. Tell the new candidate the truth about how things work and what the goals that you have set out for the guild.

History of the guild and what type of guild this is.

What are the requirements to join?

What your guild does on a daily basis Raids, PVP, and any events?

What benefits does your guild offer the members?

You don’t have to close the sale yet!

Feeling out your new candidates!

The Guild Leader’s Rule #3 I highly recommend that you ask the candidate to join you for a guild event, maybe something like a scheduled raid the guild is trying out. Bring this person along and get to know them. See if they work well in a group and with your other members.

Make sure your members treat the candidate like a new member.

More than likely after your outing you will see if this is a member you want around after a night of dragon slaying ask them to join your guild. After you have shown what fun you guys are having most likely you will get an “ok I will join”!

So they said yes what now. Go to rule #4.

So they said no! Oh well that’s no big deal the server is full. Besides you planted a seed they might be back later and say let me in. Maybe at least they might tell someone you’re recruiting and you’re a cool group.

If the person doesn’t join right away that fine, they might be waiting for a friend to join them in game to discuss it. You might get more than one member if so.

Go back to Rule #1 and start all over.

The technicalities!

The Guild Leader’s Rule #4 having the candidate sign your charter. It is now time to have your new candidate agree to all the terms of your charter. Make sure they have read and understand everything in it.  

Answer any questions that they might have.

Explain why you have a charter.

Tell who they should look for if they have a guild problem, the Guild Leader and list of officers.

Elite Guilds

Once your guild has achieved 200 active members you can think of you self as one of the elites. I managed one guild that had just over 350 members and it was a choir each day but so much fun at the same time. If you delegate and have a good staff it will be a piece of cake to run.  

Best of luck with your recruiting fellow guild leader!

The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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