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The Guild Leader Episode #7

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My guild is losing members why?

So you started a guild and went through the recruiting process to gain members, but you can’t retain them for very long what is wrong?

As a guild leader it is your job to make sure that as you recruit new members that you keep them happy so they stick around. Keeping people happy might sound a bit weird but this is pretty easy to do, with a little work. We already covered a lot of this as we set up the guild in an earlier episode, by setting up a guild you already wrote a charter so you are part of the way done.

By laying out the rules of your guild you already gave people an impression of what your guild is like. They should already know what they’re getting into, by knowing what type of guild it is and what is done on a regular basis. This is part of the way to keep guild member happy.

So how do you keep members happy?

If that isn’t a loaded question I don’t know what is! Keeping members happy really shouldn’t be that hard but it can be a very little issue that causes all the problems. For example it might be one member causing 99% of the problems.

So be on your toes and listen to the goings on in the guild chat to see if any problems have popped up. I have heard of guild leaders and officers going undercover by creating a new character and going into the guild chat to do a little snooping to see what’s really going on. This is sneaky and a little dishonest, but it might be necessary to save what you have worked so hard to make out of your guild.

Another thing is to always remember to treat people as you would like to be treated! Simple enough, but will this keep people happy maybe. I doubt that this will make people happy but it is expected to treat people with courtesy. It might keep people happy but it will not hurt you either.

Change for the betterment of the group!

As the guild leader you are not an absolute ruler of the group, take the groups ideas and recommendations and run with them. It’s ok to change some of what the guild stands for if a majority want these changes to happen.

Not recommended “Don’t make these changes and see what happens? “ I will bet you lose a few members if you don’t. Making some changes the group want will make the bond of the group stronger.

Your charter should have been written in a way that it could be changed and this is needed if you plan to make a good guild in to a great guild.

Make sure everyone gets to play!

As the one overall responsible for the guild you need to make sure officers are running there side jobs for the guild properly. Make sure everyone gets to play! If you’re a raiding guild people joined to raid, if there left out of the raid group, chances are they will leave the guild quicker than a greased pig!

Also make sure that everyone has a part in the guild, you’re just like a family make sure everyone has a part to play in it.

There are plenty of jobs that guild members can do and these should all be delegated to member to make them useful and it also makes everyone have a place in the guild.

The bad personality effect!

OK you know who they are! You have met people that are hard to please or the always have a bad attitude for just everything that comes their way. We used to say that person needs an “attitude adjustment” when I was in the military.

A person like this can be a cancer in the guild, they put off nothing but negative energy and if left for too long your guild will take a beating from this. Sometimes these type of people can turn a guild from a great place to be to a ghost town.

No matter how likable people are there will always be someone who doesn’t like them and you will have to deal with these issue too. The best thing you have going for you is you have the ability to get rid of people that don’t want to play by your rules.


Retaining guild member is fairly simple to do, for the most part you just need to stick to your guns on what you created in the first place. If you have a guild that doesn’t grow or member don’t want to join then you must think of changing something about your guild.

Make sure you recruit new members that have a similar in game interests and ideas. This will make guild chat a lot more fun too. A guild should be stronger and a bit easier to accomplish goals together and this is main reason people join a guild.

So one of the hardest things to do as a guild leader is making changes to make your guild, but if that is what people want it has to be done. You should use your guild members to bounce ideas of them. The use of common sense goes along way when making guild decisions.

Being a guild leader isn’t easy all the time but it is an awarding position to hold and I think everyone should try at some time.

 The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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