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The Guild Leader Episode #8

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Guild Leader

The Guild Leader Episode #8

What are the type of players you will encounter as a Guild Leader?

Well as a guild leader, to be honest there are tons of problems you will run across, some are just day to day issues and then some are game changers. As the guild leader you manager your personnel and you need to address these problem players as soon as possible.  

Here is a list of the type of players you will come across in game. This is a generalization there are many types of guild members but these cover most of them.

Type #1: We’ll call this type “The Family Member”. The family member is the best player in the eyesight of  a guild leader. These are the members that bend over backwards to make sure the guild runs smoothly. These players always jump up first to help a fellow guild mate and never ask for anything in return.

We call this a team player. These are a majority of your guild members if you took your time during the recruiting process you will a lot of these players. These make great officers and if experienced make great raid leaders. Hang on to these member these perfect players.

Type #2: We’ll call this person “The Provocateur” this is a person who is quick to make comment or get into someone’s face and call them out.  Most of the time these cocky players are very skilled and don’t really know the right way to call someone attention to what they’re doing wrong.

The Provocateurs tend to be some of the most skilled in game and dominate in PvP. These players can be a pain for a guild leader, as they might have to act mediator over inner guild fights that are caused by the Provocateur.

Type #3: Let’s call this one “Help Wanted”. These are the members that can’t do anything by themselves. So there constantly asking for help. This isn’t normally a problem because in a guild you will some type ones that will help at a drop of a hat.

Help Wanted types tend to not be very skilled or lacking in self-esteem. These member require more than normal attention. As a guild leader you want make sure these members get the help they need if you can spare the help, or not.

Type#4: This one we’ll call the “Hoarder” The Hoarder is the one that always needs every piece of loot that drops! This type will is like a little kid I want this, I want this, etc. This person will even want stuff that they can’t even use.

The Hoarder can be a problem to your guild groups or raid groups. This person tend to get on peoples nerves as most members think that sharing is the right thing to do and there is no need to take loot item that are not needed. Your role as guild leader has once again put you in the middle of inner guild fighting over loot with this type of member

Type#5: This type we will call “The Loaner”. Not really sure why this type even joins a guild by they do and you will find a few when you recruit new members. This type tends to stay away from grouping with other members, but have a knack for the most part for crafting and activities that do not require grouping.

Not all Loaners are anti-social, a lot of times they just work well alone. Loaners can be a great asset to your guild providing crafted good and other supplies. Loaner can supply a goods for the guild leader to distribute to other members so this make this type a very important player for your guild.

This is the basic types of players that you will meet on a regular basis as a guild leader. There are a lot more types of players, but these are the basics. You will be able to pick out and understand the roles of these players soon.

In the next episode of The Guild Leader we’ll cover how to deal with the problem players a few of them we mentioned above.

 The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.




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