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The Guild Leader Episode #9

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Guild Leader

Dealing with Guild Problem Players.

Being a guild leader is a lot of fun! One of the hardest things to deal with as the Guild Leader is problem players and their egos. This is the only time when I wish I wasn’t the Guild Leader.

With a little tact you can get through anything, so let’s get on with it.  So how you do you deal with problem players?

Don’t be a lazy guild leader!

As an easy going guy most of the time, I remember letting a lot of players pretty much do their thing and not keeping a close eye on how things were done. As a result of not keeping a better eye of thing, before too long you will have a lot inner guild battling going on.

No matter what type of guild or what size it is, you are the guild leader will have to deal with a problem or a problem players sometime. That’s guaranteed! If you have never had it happen to you or your guild then haven’t been a guild leader very long or you have just been a very lucky guild leader.

The not so happy family.

When a problem crops up you need to deal with it swiftly and deal with it within your guild charters power, that’s why we wrote it. So here are a few tip for you when dealing with your problems.

As an analogy I will use the “ripping off a band aid”, act swift to limit damage to your guild and your members. The longer you take to act the more damage could be caused.

#1: Limit Damage. Act fast as possible to limit damages to guild and members. This will also limit any fallout. Something small can blossomed into a large problem later or the later you wait.

If you don’t act fast you might get some lingering issues later from people thinking you didn’t use appropriate powers given to you the guild leader.

#2: Respect. Treat all problems and problem people, as you would want them treated if you were the problem. You represent your guild do it with respect! We don’t want to make enemies in game and want it to continue to be fun.

Sometimes you will look like the bad guy, but guess what that’s all in a day’s work being a guild leader.

#3: Investigate. Make you get all the facts before you act. You might have to get a lot of separate people’s views on what really happened. Sometimes people are blind to what really happened so get a few spate stories before acting out any punishment.

If possible get guild members involved to come to a truce or have them work it out as other member look on and listen in. This is almost a team building event, if these member can work it out together it will be great for the guild as a whole.

#4: Jury of Peers. Ok so it couldn’t be worked out. Using a disciplinary committee made up of guild members can be a great tool. This will be a stronger voice for the guild rather than just having a guild leader pass judgment.

#5: Punishment. Carrying out punishment can be as simple as taking away privileges such as use of guild resources or limiting the use of parties for raids or leveling up. The next level would be demoting the member down the ranks of your guild.

One other thing that I tried is having the guild member pay restitution to the guild. No not paying gold to the guild. More like having them work for the guild and helping members with any needed task for a short time. This will earn back some of the respect lost to the following member.  

Most of the time this punishment would be carried out by the guild leader with recommendations from the disciplinary committee. Each guild will have different punishment for each infraction.

#6: Kicking a Member. Kicking a member from your guild is the last resort in the discipline tree. What is an offense worth kicking out a member? Well first and for most for me that would be Stealing, lying, or misrepresenting the guild values.

Your guild is like a family or a team you work great together if someone isn’t playing ball with the team, then it’s time to make some changes or to go separate ways.

As I have said before, it’s not easy being a guild leader but with support from your members, your charter, and a little common sense you will be a rock start guild leader.  Yes it does take work, a lot of work, but well worth it.

The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.


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