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The Liebster Award

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The Liebster Award

We overwhelmed, by the support we a getting from the wordpress family and once again we  have been nominated for another award. This time The Liebster Award and nominated by JohnHeatz of

So first off thank you to John for nominating us and thanks to everyone who our age and supports us. And sorry for taking so long to get this out I have been really busy and just needed a bit of a break.

The rules for receiving this award are…
1. Post the Liebster Award graphic on your site.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated your blog.
3. The nominee is asked to write 11 facts about themselves.
4. Answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated them.
5. The nominee will nominate 9 other blogs.
6. The nominee will then create 11 questions of their own for their nominated bloggers to answer in their Liebster post.

I have only fulfilled the first couple of these but I’ll update this later tonight once get everything put together.

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