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The lost connection!

Posted on 1/6/2013 by with 0 comments

Your connection to the net is many times cursed at for being too slow. It can always be faster. Well cant it? Sure it can be faster. But how much do you want to spend.

While living in Japan I had a 150mb connection for about 50 dollars a month. Why isn’t there a connection speed like that we can all afford here in the USA?  I really can’t believe sometimes, how we live in a country that has a better living than most and we can’t even get a good connection to the net at a decent price.

Don’t get me started on the throttling of speeds. To blame the ISP’s say “It’s the peer to peer sharing, hurting it for everyone”. Well I don’t buy it! I think it’s more about companies not wanting to upgrade their equipment every year.

Let’s face it the more popular the internet is the more breakthroughs there are in technology due to supply and demand of users getting online.  Today’s best technology next year will be collecting dust. So I believe the phone companies or ISP’s are passing on their bill for next year’s equipment today.

OK. I got off target here. You really don’t know how fast or how slow you connection is, until the day you either can’t connect or something is wrong with you PC so you get online.

I recently went almost a week without a connection. I almost died. Well not really, but after about 3 days, I was wishing “I could get at least a 22.8 baud modem connection just to check my mail and check some gaming news”.

I guess it’s kind of like that song says “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”.

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