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The mysterious group invite?

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The mysterious group invite?

The other day I wrote a story about the out of the blue guild invite, today I’m getting invites to parties and groups for dungeon/quests that I didn’t want to do. This story could be just written on a Friday and I wanted to cop out a bit on my writing here, well you know that’s partially true. Its Friday and way past the time I would normally have a beer or two.

Anyway back to my rant. Have you ever been out on your own grinding away at your next level or trying to complete a quest and out of the blue you get a group invite without warning.

Why would I join a group from someone I didn’t even know existed a minute ago, frankly I don’t like joining group out of the blue. I haven’t even seen the person that invited me yet!

I always seem to get these group invites when I’m finished with the area or I was getting ready to log off for the day. Apparently there is some mystical force in game that helps people find other people that don’t want to play anymore to invite to a party.

The whole idea about an MMO is to play with other people, but it is a lot better to play with others that want to play to begin with. If you do plan to ask someone to group it might be a good idea to at least let yourself be seen by the other player before asking to group.

I’ve had some very bad group experiences which makes me hesitant to join a group on a whim, unless its events and dynamic groups like in rift and GW2. Now I mostly play with guildies and people I know to limit the group fallout.

So today I ask you do you join groups with people out of the blue, or do you one group with friends?

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