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The Red Solstice now on Kickstarter

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 The Red SolsticeI got word from Hrvoje Horvatek, Project Lead and CEO of Ironward studios that The Red Solstice is now available on kickstarter. For people that don’t know what The Red Solstice is we covered this a little bit more in depth a couple months ago here on Beer and Joysticks.

The Red Solstice is a Co-Op strategy Sci-Fi RPG that features 8 person team play all set on a futuristic Mars. The gameplay revolves around a squad of space marines that go out to investigate the lost communication to colonies during an epic storm that is brewing on the planet.

What happens next is some adrenalin pumping game play which is a blast with a couple friend giving you a hand along the way. I highly recommend you take a look at the demo and support this project if you like what you see here. Thanks so much for supporting our indie teams!

Check The Red Solstice on KickStarter

Check out their website The Red Solstice


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