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The Red Solstice

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Publisher/Developer: Ironward


First off let me tell you all the truth I never heard of The Red Solstice, until I was contacted by the staff at Ironward and I’m really glad they did contact me.

The Red Solstice is a top-down, squad based tactical shooter with a little bit of survival game thrown in the end.  The Red Solstice is currently in alpha, but is very polished for this stage.

The Red Solstice takes place on Mars 117 years after earth as the humans began to colonize the surface of Mars. The Game takes place during “The Red Solstice” or a giant storm that has knocked out communication to the Tharsis or the capital city on Mars.

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You play as the soldiers from Elysium Corporation that were sent to find out what has happened to the colonists.


The Red Solstice  comes with eight playable classes and features a huge payable colony that is divided in to 6 areas.  The game features a single player mode and multiplayer for up to eight people. The game has great replayablity as there are 50 randomly generated and placed throughout the map.

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So once I found out about the game I gave it a couple weeks of play so I could really get a good feel for the game. I really liked the way that characters can be customized with skills as you see fit. Another great feature is if you don’t feel like being a grunt and want to lead the squad, well move into the commanding officer shoes to lead.

Once you first jump into game the controls are fairly familiar for anyone that has played a top down style game and the learning curve is pretty low. For me the hardest thing was to remember to move the view so I could always have my character centered, but once you play for a bit you will pick it up fast.

I recommend that you play the Prologue mission before jumping in to a campaign or multiplayer because this mission will show you everything you need to play The Red Solstice.

In the prologue mission you take on the role of SPC. Frosty and have to join up with the rest of your unit as they explore what happened to the colonists. You help the squad battle through the ravaged colony looking for answers and along the way begin the reconnecting communications stations as fighting of alien animals.

What happened to the colony in The Red Solstice? Well you will have to find out for yourself, I don’t like given away spoilers.


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The Red Solstice has colorful stylized 3d graphics that is on par with most triple A games of the same style and this is a credit to the small team that is putting this game together.


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The Red Solstice has great sounds and music that is normally found on bigger  budget game of this variety.


 I know a lot of people have hear me harping on buying games in alpha, but this is more complete than most games in beta and is playable. This game  is also very affordable at only 8 bucks.

The Red Solstice is really good game and it is great to see a small team put together a great game like this. Like most small teams it is a fight to get enough press coverage and hopefully this help a little in the long for them.

The Red Solstice is well worth a try and a extremely fun game that you can try before buying, learn more about The Red Solstice at there website Here

Verdict 5 of 6


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