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Thief! My saved game is missing!

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Square Enix, a video game company that brought some of the classic games such as Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest,  is now investigating the claims of some players regarding the save bug on the game, Thief.   The game was released last February 25, and experienced a reboot yesterday and since then there have been a number of complaints from the players about a missing save game, or in some instance the saved game becomes corrupted.  And it doesn’t only happen on PC; Xbox One and PS4 versions are also experiencing the same bug.  As of the moment, there is no proven solution for this bug.  But someone told me that it can be resolve on Windows 7 by altering the date and setting it to April 2, again this is not yet confirmed.  Furthermore that tricks won’t work on Windows 8.

There is a high probability that this game has something to do with the dates, since according to some you can fix it by changing the dates. Most of the missing saved games have something to do with side quests and the corrupted games were mostly an old saved game. Numerous post about the problem also appeared on the Thief’s forum.

And before we even think that this has something to do with April fool’s day, the Square Enix has already released a statement stating that their company is now taking an action regarding the said bug and that they are taking these concerns seriously.  The first step they are taking is reading all the reports and finding some similarities and probably they might figure out what triggers the problem.  They also extend their apologies and hope that they can find a fix for this bug in the coming days.  They promise to keep us updated on the development of this odd story.

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