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Things I have learned from video games.

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These are just a few of the things I have learned from video games over the year in no particular order.

Zombies: First off the very easy one is the Zombies need to be hit in the hit or just repeatedly till they stop. At least that’s the way it is in video games.

Plumbers: Don’t mess with the Italian plumbers! Mario and Luigi can hold their own against just about any type of animal from gorillas to turtles.

Potions: Potions have the ability to restore health almost instantaneous. Every role playing game has this, but when will they create these for real life.

Qbert: Qbert would have made one hell of a stair climber in real life.

The world we know: Our world is really just made up of blocks and more blocks thanks to MineCraft. After playing MineCraft you will see blocks everywhere even when just walking down the street.

Building better weapons and tools: We can use rocks we find throughout the world to enhance and make better weapons. Thanks to every RPG on the planet, this one is pretty much true in real life also.

Projectile fun: Triangular shaped birds make great flying projectiles, thanks to the Angry Birds series.

Asteroids: Blasting asteroids makes smaller faster moving asteroids.

Companions: Companions don’t always agree with everything you say, in fact a lot of them downright dislike you all together, thanks for SWTOR for pointing this out.

Bard’s: Bards make great travelling companions much better than your slave in SWTOR, thanks to the Bard’s Tale, we know this all to well.

Conspiracy Theories: We learned from the Deus Ex series that everyone’s favorite conspiracy group (Majestic 12, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission) really do exist and their out to get you!

Dystopian Worlds: Father Comstock leads the city of Columbia despite civil war and the isolation of the city from the rest of the world in Bioshock Infinite. I wish more video games would craft a story as well the people working on this game did.

Rifts: When rifts open up nothing good will come out of them so watch your back, thanks to Rift for this tidbit of information.

You can see ghosts: When you see a ghost girl it’s not always good thanks to the F.E.A.R. series. You can always take the easy way out run for your life.

Saving the world: What would a video game be without the need of you our hero to save us from everything imaginable (zombies, monsters in general, possessed people, the devil himself, terrorists, add your own here, etc.).  What are you reading this for aren’t you supposed to be saving the world?

Saving the Princess: You name the game from Mario to Zelda, you goal in-game is to save the princess.

I hope you learned something from this walk down memory lane. Video games tell a story and a lot of time that’s more vivid than watching a movie and a lot more fun in my opinion.

So today we ask you, what have you learned from video games?

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