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This Game is Not For Newbies

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There are games that would welcome you with open arms and would definitely bombard you with curses and blasphemous oaths before you leave the game.  DOTA 2 is one of them, It’s not enough that you have experience in playing DOTA which is a part of  Warcraft Frozen Throne. Some players are attracted by DOTA’s popularity, but though the sequel is a more improve version, guides and the technicality of the game is never for newbie to understand.  Not to mention the crowd of competitive players that has no time to answer about your queries.   Heroes of Newerth which is greatly influenced by the original Defense of the Ancient is also one of them, most of the time the player will quit playing the game due to some complicated elements.  While the character is also based on agility, intelligence and strength the difficulty lies on the complexity of the items.  It is difficult to create a build that would enhance a certain character skill, if you want a simpler version of it I suggest that you play League of Legends.

While I am not here to bash on those games that are not for newbies, I cannot neglect the fact that they are developing things only for the hardcore gamers.  I am not saying that it is a bad thing, but most of the time, the gaming community tends to be dull and unfriendly.  We all know that most of those competitive players never really care about those people inside the game, if you have nothing to offer to them you are just another nuisance  in the game.I am well aware that there are guides online that one can learn, but it does not guarantee that they will come on par with the old gamers. The problem is not about the development of the game, though there are people who would really love to see a game that all of his friends can play without any trouble, most of us still love challenges.  You love a game that can tickle your imagination and would reignite your passion of gaming.  The problem is on the players, if one could be a bit more generous in handling out information on the newbies, if one can be just a bit kind on dealing with the newbies then a lot of them would stay.

Newbies just have to remember a few things in order to last in these kind of game.  Be sure to learn the basics, the basics about the game and about a single character first.  It will take time but if you really put your heart into it, you will eventually master everything about the game.  Do not go into jumping from one character to another that would be like starting all over again.  And if you think you have done everything you have to do and still feel unsatisfied you can always click the disconnect button and leave the game.

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