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This is the Only Level

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This is the Only Level Title

This is the Only Level Title

Developer/Publisher: Armor Games Inc.


This is the Only Level is a browser based 2d puzzle/platformer programmed and conceptualized by jmtb02, also known as John on John makes a number of well known browser games, and is particularly well known for his ‘elephant’ games.

The Level

The Level

Gameplay: In This is the Only Level, players play as an elephant whose objective is to get through each stage of the game, of which there are 30. The core mechanic of the game is that there is, you guessed it, only one level. Each stage is played on the exact same level, except each stage has different ‘rules’ of gameplay each time, including different controls, different physics, or different ways of opening (or not) the end door.

Each stage of This is the Only Level is short and interesting, and the variance in rules makes it quite fun to play, even multiple times through. There are no particularly difficult stages, but some of the rules for stages are quite creative. The controls are quite simple arrow key platformer controls for most stages, with mouse navigation for the menus.

Is the level over?

The answer is no!

Graphics: The Graphics of This is the Only Level are very simple, with most textures being flat solid colors. These simple graphics help to add to the simple gameplay, as well as help focus the player’s attention on the game.

Sound: This is the Only Level’s sounds are also simple, with a happy sounding, dual-part tune playing in the background, and crisp, short sound effects. The sound effects are quite appropriate for this minimalistic, yet happily-themed game.

Verdict: For as simple of a game This is the Only Level is at it’s core, it is quite a unique and fun game. Even though it appears to be a primarily platforming game at first glance, much of the challenge lies in the puzzle aspect of it, at least the first time through. Despite this though, I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys any sort of platforming game, such as Super Mario. It’s a quite quick play through, taking at most about 10 minutes to play through once, but those 10 minutes will be well spent playing this game. This is the Only Level definitely deserves a full 6 pack.


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