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Tracking your Power Increase

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If one is planning to be competitive, he has to make sure that his power increase reasonably everyday.  Today some of the online games are displaying your characters total power in order to track it.  But how can one figure out how much his stats increase when an online game does not have a tracking system for your stats.


There are number of ways on how you can tell that your power increase, one is if you can defeat those higher level monster that you cannot defeat before.  Make sure that you can battle out a new set of NPC monster everyday.  Not just random enemies but make sure they are a level or two higher from the previous monster that you fought.  But having said that we do not recommend you to go hasty and fight those higher level monster.  Be sure that you are well equipped and your level is on par or higher than the monster that you are fighting.


Next is embedding amulet, stone or other elements that could enhance your equipments and weapons.  Other games are allowing you to combine different stones that could greatly enhance a character stats.  But be careful on doing this,  some games; especially those that allows you to have your own party or crew, lowers you overall stats when you combine two level 3 amulets.  A two set of level 3 amulet is better than a level four amulet or stone.  Be sure that each of your crew is well equipped before you decided to combine stones.


Next is the daily side quest.  Those quest that is intended to be perform everyday.  Be on the look out on those quest that is separated on stages.  Especially those that  have 200 levels or more, make sure that you can step up at least one level everyday,  this is a perfect way of telling you that your over all power is increasing  in a favorable way and you were not lagging behind others.  Daily side quests does not give enough experience,  but it does give you money rewards that you can use to increase the durability or level of your equipment.


Last thing you can do to track your power increase, is during duel mode.  A duel against someone will help you find out whether your powers increase in a massive way or not.  Be sure to duel those who have higher level than you are.  If you do not win on the first try keep on improving your skills and other attributes that can increase your power and just continue on dueling him until you win.  Do not be afraid on his level if he is 5 times higher than you, levels are just numbers they do not guarantee that they have a higher damage than you.


It’s not bad to be a bit competitive, all of us wants our name to be embedded on the top player page.  But do not forget to have fun while doing so, after all the main essence of the game is to have fun.  Do not stress yourself.

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