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If you read anything I write you know that I’m a big fan of voxel based engines just because you can create a random and totally re-playable world at the snap of a finger. Well finally we have a big company taking note of this with Trion stepping in with their new game Trove.

This is one game we’ll be keeping an eye and adding more news as it warrants.

What is Trove?

Well it’s a new “Free to Play” voxel based game similar to Cube World or Minecraft that is under development as we speak. Trove will feature a persistent world that will have RPG and sandbox elements.

This looks to be an amazing game if you like to build your own world and develop a character based on the adventuring you throughout the land before you. I’ll be keeping my eyes

To learn more about Trove, sign up for alpha test and get the latest news go here






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