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Twisted Pine Hoppy Boy IPA By Twisted Pine Brewing Company

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When I go to the local beer store I like to take chances and tryout new things, so I took a chance and grabbed a sixer of Hoppy Boy IPA. I’m really living dangerously now!


This beer pours with a light fluffy head that stays around for the long haul. Lots of bubbles highlight that this beer has retained lots of carbonation. Almost as if it is a soda pop.


The smell is of rich bread and bitter sweet hoppy scents. The smell is so rich you almost lose the smell of the piney hop smell in the bread.


On to the important stuff the taste, well this is where it is a bit underwhelming. The taste is very bitter, more so that the average IPA. The taste is hop on hops not much else come through clearly. The amount of carbonation is a bit high for this type of beer also.

The hop and malt selection needs a recipe revamp, because something go crossed up here in the flavor department of this IPA.


If you like bubbly hoppy flavored beers this well be a dream for you! This beer recipe has a lot of potential but as it is it’s not a top beer yet. With a few tweaks it could be great.

As a lover of IPA’s this is a different take of the normal recipes and well worth a try, but not ready for prime time.

Verdict 3 of 6 3pack

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