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Twitter War between IGN and Angry Joe

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It is not so uncommon to see a twitter fight between two known personalities.  Some incident involves people inside the gaming industry like the exchange of words that led to the cancellation of Fez 2 and the famous one liner of Adam Orth “Deal with it”.  Lately there was a steamy exchange of words between Joe Vargas of Angry Show and Dan Stapleton of IGN.  Dan Stapleton has accuse Joe Vargas on misquoting IGN regarding on hi Titanfall article.   It started with a simple tweet of Joe Vargas asking a random question to his fans, then Dan sarcastically replied to his tweet.  It started to get messy after fans started to take sides between the two, some of them decided that it’d be more fun to add fuel to the fire, but some of them are still rational and asked the two to talk I private, which is of course the better thing to do.

Here are the screenshots of their heated arguments together with the fans.  Be proud of this moment guys!

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Dan was trying to say that Joe misquoted IGN that they gave Titanfall a mark of 9/10 where in fact the gaming site gave them an 8.9/10. Some of them were saying that there is a little difference between an 8.9 and a 9.  An 8.9 when rounded of can be considered as 9.  But Dan was firm on his allegation and reiterated that a gaming review is not a Mathematical equation and an 8.9 is an 8.9.  Some fans reacted that Joe was only trying to say that Titanfall does not deserve a high grade and an 8.9 is too much.

Their conversation ended when another party wishes the other a Good day.  Hours after their not so productive conversation, Joe tweeted that they already had a conversation via DM and asked each other for forgiveness, they also apologize to their fans over the harsh words they tweeted.  But I was wondering why they are not yet deleting those tweets, when they are not too proud of it.


Regardless of who’s wrong or right, if IGN has a problem with a blogger or a writer, they could’ve handle it more professionally by talking to that person or his management and not vent it out on a micro blogging site where thousands of fans are watching.  The gaming industry is such a small world and it’d be wise not to make it smaller for you.


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