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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 1

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Vainslayer Legend of Regata

Chapter 1

The woman in a cloak


20 years has passed since that fateful day, what’s left of the Anthemia raced has been enslaved by the Norecian people; some of the clan who possessed a laudable skill for battle has been obliterated.  Others who poses no threat to the kingdom was kept alive and was given the toughest labor.  Neria clan, endowed with the ability to control the plants were ordered to work night and day to keep and make sure a bountiful harvest, Hollios clan that was given the power to control the sea was ordered to provide the whole kingdom of Norecia a supply of fish everyday without expecting any payment, Tindalo race-blessed by the power of the monsoon wind to ensure the adequate amount of water for the kingdom,  Ipmus the people that supplies the kingdom with fuel and the Gavian clan which was given the power to control any metallic object.

The prophecy was unknown to the Anthemian race, only the Queen and Horacio were aware that a certain prediction exists.  The queen is no longer bothered about the prediction after they destroyed the tribe of the warriors.  She made sure that not a single one of them will be alive…that’s what she thought.

 A woman in cloak was watching over some individuals using the eye of Onestes, a holy sphere given by the God Umbra to the people of Anthemia that reveals everything to the naked eye.  But unlike the Book of Belamus that can predict the future, the eye reveals merely what is known to mankind.  And since the queen id aware of the prediction, the eye of Onestes can reveal the questions surrounding it.  The woman gathered her belongings and went on her way…


“It’s time to gather the light and bring back the lost honor of the Anthemian people, I swear by the name of the god Umbra; I will annihilate these entire oppressors” Said by the woman wearing a cloak


The woman travelled the north, passed the Mountain of Ichnik and to the land of the higher animals where the clan of Neria resides.  The Nerians are a lot like the mortal people, but their eyes are green said to possess a mystic power, but no account can be found about it in the book of legends.  It seems that the Nerians are also dumb about this ability, since not a single one of them know how it functions.

 The woman entered the biggest tent where the town’s chieftain resides, a meeting will be commenced in a few moment to discuss the matter concerning the sharing of food.  A large percentage of the food they gathered will go to the Norecia, the fruits and veggies infested by pests will be distributed among them.

 “I am here to take Crox” said by the woman wearing a cloak


“And just who do you think you are, running around here, thinking you can just do anything you want to do”  Uttered by one of the advisor.


Meanwhile Crox is skipping jobs again, he doesn’t care if he was caught by the guard of the Empire, the town is still free from the vile guardians of Norecia, and they can be mostly found in the farm and in the Gates of Neria.  The shield that envelopes the town forbade the Norecia on entering the holy land.  Even the frightening power of one of the Minestro was unable to break the powerful holy seal.  But they have no choice but to agree under the terms of the Queen, it’s either that or they die of hunger.

 Crox was one rare Nerian; he was blessed with the rare ability to give life to a plant.  Unlike most of the Nerians who can just nurture them, Crox can give them the ability to move anyway he likes it.


“You are no longer needed in this town, go away or do you like us to inform the guards, someone not from our clan is forbidden to enter this place.  You will be in a serious trouble if we do that, so please leave now” Said by the town’s chieftain

 All the people inside the tent are ready to use force to drive the woman but they were stopped by the Nerian Elder.

“Silence you do not know what you are talking about” shouted by the elder

 “Ever since Crox was little we all know he was destined for something, we cannot simply expect him to till the land forever. And as for you, you can reveal your face now, you are safe in this town, no one is going to harm you.” Continued by the elder

 The woman reveal her face and everyone was surprised to know her identity, the chieftain even kneeled when he saw her face.


Chieftain:  Seek for Crox this very instance and bring him to me.

Lady: We do not have enough time; the queen is assembling her armies to reach the farther north of Regata.

Elder:  Crox will be here in any moment.

A few moments has passed by and Crox was already inside the chieftain’s tent.

Crox:  I am not slacking of my job

Chieftain:  Haaa!  You are in no position to explain yourself.  Prepare to accompany this woman to her journey.

Crox:  (very surprised) it’s not that I do not want to obey you, but are we not allowed to leave this land unless given by the kingdom’s permission?

Advisor 1: Enough of your excuses prepare all your things and go, you would take the route of the mystic forest, I am sure no guard is brave enough to guard that place.

Elder:  Take this armor, made from the vine of the mystic tree of Inkalu, legends says that no arrows or blades can penetrate this gear.

Crox:  Am I going for battle?  I am a farmer.

Advisor 2:  We are a farmer by day, those more than 10 years of working in the farm has prepared you for this very instance.

Elder:  We are prepared anytime you ask for our assistance.  I’ve had enough of the kingdoms torture.

Crox:  Quit it old man, you can’t even raise a sword.



Crox:  And just who is this lady you want me to help?

Lady:  I am just a traveler (the woman put the cloak back again)


Next Chapter:

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 “Vainslayer Legend of Regata” is a weekly series written by Aldren Castro and featured on Be sure to check out all of the story on the Vainslayer Legend of Regata page.

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