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Vainslayer Legend of Regata Chapter 2

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Vainslayer  Legend of Regata

Vainslayer  Legend of Regata Chapter 2

Enemy in the sand. The knight bannerette of the 5th squad.

Crox:  Wait we’ve been travelling for hours but I don’t even know your name.

Woman:  Call me Caliope.

Crox:  Why are you wearing a cloak?

Caliope:  This is no ordinary cloak, this cloak allow me to hide my presence against those watching me from afar.

Crox:  Huh? I don’t understand a bit of what you said, Is someone watching us?  Do I also need to wear the same cloak, cause I swear I’m not going to.

Caliope: You ask to many questions, you know what they said with people who knew a lot of things?

Crox:  I couldn’t care less about those old saying.

Caliope:  Fool

Crox:  You’re taking life too seriously; it seems that you’ve been through a lot.

Caliope:  Trust me, if your eyes saw too much sufferings and killings, you’ll understand.

Crox:  That’s why we are going to end it.

Caliope:  It is not that simple.

Crox:  Ok I give up, have it your way.


The two of them passed the forest and into the desert.  It’s amazing how a land centered on agriculture can be found in the middle of the desert.   After a few moment of walking in the desert, a voice halts them from going any further.


(unknown voice): Just where do you think you are going?


They turn their heads around and they saw a knight wearing an emblem of the fifth squad.


Knight:  I am the knight bannerette of the fifth squad under the command of the Fifth Minestro, Velum.  I am the one they called “Butcher”, Name is Sierro.  No one is allowed to leave the Nerian land without any permission, didn’t anyone told you that?


Crox:  Oh forgive us, we have some juicy information for the kingdom…. (Before he can even finish his speech, Caliope draw her sword and attack the knight bannerette)

Caliope:  Fool, there is no way he’ll believe you with that petty excuses, he was prepared to execute us a moment ago, if I haven’t destroyed his concentration.

Sierro:  Very good, I can see that you are no normal traveller, just who are you?  I am itching to know your true identity (Sierro raised his hands and the sand formed a number of sand armies ready for battle)

Crox:  Oh no we are outnumbered.

Caliope:  Try to stay alive, Once the controller has been defeated, then all these sand armies will disappear.  Fight against these sand thing, I’m sure it’ll be a good practice for your first battle.


Caliope sliced through the sand armies to make an opening, She drag Sierro away from the sand armies.  She threw away the sword she’s holding and draw two sticks that surprised Sierro.


Sierro:  That is the Arnis of Goddess Fletara, the goddess of  earth and life.  Now I am very curious on your real identity.

Caliope: Don’t mind about it, draw your weapon and fight.  I can see that you can only control a limited number of sand armies, such a pity.  And on this distant, they boy is just hacking and slashing through their heads, since they cannot draw enough powers from you.


Sierro:  It is true that I can only control a handful of sand armies, but they will never die as long as I am alive.  It’s either I die first or the boy will reach a fatigue level and be killed by my army.


Caliope:  You are wise, judging from what you said, you are no longer dreaming of defeating me.  You must be aware about the power of these Arnis.


Sierro:  That arnis only obeys the soul of the holy elements.  It possess a mystic power able to control the earth and bypass life. But I wouldn’t go down without a fight.


Sierro called his soul element (soul elements are the soul that guides every being in the Regulus, they can turn themselves into weapons or destructive force  during battle)


Sierro: Psamathe!!!!  (the ground shake, but nothing happened after that) You are in my element, do not think that this fight would be that easy.


Caliope:  I will fight you without calling my soul element, but after this fight I swear you will answer some of my question.


Unknown to Caliope her feet was already being held by the sand, Sierro charged him with a sword made of sand, caliope didn’t even bother on using the sticks, he stopped the attack using her bare hands.


Caliope;  I don’t think petty tricks like this would work against me.


Meanwhile the sand armies have been acting violently without someone guiding them, it seems that it attacks anything unrelated to sand considering that it also attacked some of the plants and animals in the desert.  Crox held one of the cactus and their thorns grew bigger and bigger, and he commands it to shoot through the sand, but it did not make any damage to the sand.


Crox:  Oh no, what to do, what to do,  Just what is the weakness of these sand.

Crox heard something spoke from deep inside him

(*Use water)

Crox:  huh?  Water… We are in the middle of the desert for god sake where do I find water in this place.  And why am I talking to myself.



Sierro continued to attack Caliope, but his attack are just futile.


Caliope:  Sierro, is it?

Sierro: *pant*  Yes.

Caliope:  Tell me, Why is the queen planning to conquer the North part of Regulus?

Sierro:  I am not answering any of your questions (Sierro attacking Caliope)

Caliope:  Stop it Sierro, you are forgetting one thing,  The sand is a part of the Earth and I am holding the Arnis of Fletara.

Sierro:  Do you think I am unaware of that fact, But I cannot let you pass, I am in no position to neglect my duty.


Caliope summon the power of the arnis, a green air started to surround it and spread throughout the land, suddenly a big tsunami of sand is on their way,  the tip of the waves are as sharp as a sword  and aiming towards Sierro. 


Caliope:  Sierro, go home to your Queen and tell her that the prophecy shall be fulfilled.



The sand armies that Crox was battling started to disappear one by one.


Sierro:  I am defeated, you can go now.


Crox run towards Caliope and Sierro.

Crox:  What happened?

Caliope:  Let us go,  the battle is over (the two of them started to walk away from Sierro)


Sierro:  Wait!  The Queen is planning to rule over the land of Regata by summoning the power of the underworld.  By conquering the Northern part of regulus, she will gain access to the “ Punto Hilaga”.  That leaves the Kingdom of Davinas defenseless against the kingdom.


Caliope:  Just as I thought.  Tell your Queen that there is no way we’ll let that happen.


Caliope and Crox continued on their way.

Crox:  Where are we going

Caliope:  To the next light.



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