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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 3

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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Voices


Crox:  Why did you leave him, he might reveal us to the queen.

Caliope: The Queen will eventually find out about it, it is best to distract her from her plan of advancing to the Punto Hilaga.  Once she reaches that point, the Davinas would be in big trouble.

Crox:  Davinas was said to possess the ancient weapon there is no way the queen can defeat them.  Plus with the armies led by the 12 zodiacs that only made them invincible.

Caliope:  I heard one more general advanced to the level of the Zodiac, but that doesn’t change anything.  You have no goddamn idea how powerful the 13 Minestro is.

Crox:  And why are we opposing them if they are that strong?

Caliope:  You will grow stronger than them, I promise you that.


After a few moment of walking along the desert, they ended up in front of a river, Caliope whistled an odd tune and suddenly a creature that looks like a mix of a bird and a fish was swimming towards them. 


Crox:  You can command the land and the animals, just who are you, no Anthemian was given the ability to control two elements.


Caliope:  In order for us to reach our next destination, we have to cross this river by this Mavila, don’t worry it won’t bite.

Crox:  This is the way to reach the Hollios clan who inhabited the island of Martel.

Caliope:  Yes, our next purpose is in that island, we must hurry since the Queen probably knows about us by now.


Meanwhile in the kingdom of Norecia.


The news about the defeat of a Knight bannerette of the 5th force has already reached the head of the team.  Minestro Quebral also known as Minestro Cinco rushed to the palace to give the news to the queen.  The queen is talking with the war strategist when the Minestro Cinco reached her.


Quebral:  My Queen I brought you an alarming news.

The queen saw the seriousness in the face of one of his Minestro and asked everyone to get out of the room immediately

Queen:  Everyone get out, we have a matter to discuss

Quebral:  One of my knight bannerette reported that someone attacked him on the Feluvian desert, not far away from the Nerian clan.

Queen:  Is it someone from the Neria?

Quebral:  I’m afraid not, he described the foe as a woman wearing a cloak and possessing the Arnis of Fletara.

Queen:  Impossible, that is just impossible; no one can wield the power of that weapon except for the divine gods in Perius.

Quebral:  But he cannot be mistaken, the enemy was able to out power him on his control of the sand. 

Queen:  What else did the knight bannerette found out?

Quebral:  The enemy asked him to relay a message to the queen.

Queen:  And what is it?

Quebral:  She said that the prophecy will come true.

Queen: *scream*  Call Horacio quick!!!


During their trip Crox decided to ask Caliope about the thing he heard during his fight with the sand.

Crox:  Something happened to me a while ago while fighting those sand monsters.

Caliope:  What?

Crox:  It’s like  I hear a voice coming inside my brain

Caliope:  You don’t know about your soul element?

Crox:  Soul what?

Caliope: Soul element, the spirit that guide each of us, they can be very useful during battles.

Crox:  The Queen already banned the teachings of the Art of Regata, Remember?

Caliope:  That’s why you don’t know, don’t worry as soon as we reach the Island of Martel I will teach you how to summon it.

Crox:  You sound like you don’t have any idea of what is happening in this world.

Caliope: *silent*



In the middle of their trip, Crox can’t help but notice some of the fishes which is a popular delicacy on the land of Regata was swimming fast toward the Island of Martel and as they go further more and more fishes are being lured in the same way. And after sometime they saw a  group of Hollios fishing, they can’t help but notice the beautiful voice they are hearing, and on a closer look they saw a woman with a beautiful long gray hair humming sound that attract the fishes.


Caliope:  This is so unbelievable, someone given with a power of the voice.

Crox:  Yeah, just like you, but you keep on ignoring my questions.


The Hollios stopped them on their trip, the group of fishermen aimed their sharp fishing spear to them.


Crox:  We are not here to fight, we are here for some food.

Hollios 1:  Pirates!!!

Hollios 2 :  Capture them!!!

Caliope:  Good work, you really have a knack of getting us into trouble.



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