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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 4

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Vainslayer Legend of Regata

Chapter 4

Dance of Waves



Kill them!!!!


Caliope:  ALUNDRA!!! (Suddenly the waves started to form a giant barrier that surrounds the two of them)


The whole group of fisherman was astounded on the fact that Caliope can control the water.


Myrha:  I am Myrha, daughter of the chieftain of the Hollios tribe.  How can you control the water?  I believe only the Hollios has been given the ability to listen to the waves.  Speak now of your true identity or you’ll fight us.


Caliope:  Just as I suspect, a real spirit of a fighter.  But do not waste your breath since you won’t stand a chance.


Myrha:  Do not be so sure (Myrha started humming a weird sound, after a few moments a giant sea creature about 10 ft. tall appeared ready to attack Caliope and Crox)


Caliope:  I said STOP!!! (One shout of Caliope and the sea creature was frightened)


Myrha:  Who are you?


Caliope:  Take me to your father and we’ll have some serious talking to do.


Myrha:  Akeem!  Take them to my father.  Be sure that they’ll be treated well.



After a few moments of sailing, they reached a tribe with houses floating on water.  The whole tribe was outside to see the 2 strangers.  It’s been a long time since someone visited them from afar.  They went straight to a house which is built on the bones of the sea monster.  It looks sturdy and ornamented with sea lilies. Some of the villagers followed them inside the house.


The tribe chieftain was already waiting for them, He asked Caliope to remove the cloak but she refused.  Chieftain Oca has a bit of hesitation to accept an unknown visitor to their land since they are afraid that the Kingdom of Norecia will punish them.


Chieftain Oca:  Forgive us, this land is under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom on Norecia, if you are an enemy of the kingdom we advise you to leave at once.


Caliope showed her palm to the Chieftain which surprised him.  Caliope signaled him to keep quiet, but the chieftain cannot contain his happiness.


Chieftain Oca:  We thought you were dead.

Caliope:  Silence.

Chieftain Oca:  Yes, I understand.  Everyone out, we have a matter to discuss.

Caliope:  That includes you Crox.


The villagers started to went out of the room, until only two of them are left inside.  Caliope removed her cloak but instructed Oca not to mention her name since someone is watching them.


Chieftain Oca:  This place is under the rule of the Knight Sergeant of the 12th battalion.  Rubio, we do not have any information about his power. It is not safe for you to be here.


Caliope:  What happened to you!  You are a proud warrior of the Hollios; you have proven to us that even Hollios can hold their ground on the battle field!  You have been eaten by the worms of cowardice planted to you by the kingdom.


Chieftain Oca: My wife and my children died after the Battle of Redentor.  You cannot blame me.  All I have is Myrha, I found her outside the burning house of the former tribe chieftain.  I will not do anything silly that will put her in danger.


Caliope:  FOOL!  Can you not see the warrior in her!  You chose to use her for fishing rather than for our clan’s liberation.


Chieftain Oca:  I will do anything for us to live.


Caliope:  You call this thing life?


Chieftain Oca: It is better than to be dead


Caliope: You are only prolonging their misery.  I can see the pain in everybody’s eyes.  Those are the eyes of the hopeless.


Chieftain Oca:  SO what do you suggests?


Caliope:  Gather all the men; we will take back our liberty one by one.  The waves will dance once again.



Next Chapter:


Knight Sergeant of the 12th Battalion

“Vainslayer Legend of Regata” is a weekly series written by Aldren Castro and featured on Be sure to check out all of the story on the Vainslayer Legend of Regata page.

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