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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 5

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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 5

Rubio, Knight Sergeant of the 12th Battalion

Chieftain Oca:  You have no idea what you’re talking about.  The whole kingdom didn’t stood a chance against a single Minestro, And you think a single clan that does not know how to fight can start a rebellion.  They are mere fishermen, what do you want to happen, a massacre of our clan?


Caliope: Listen to what you are saying.  You have been enslaved by the kingdom, leaving nothing but a few rejected fishes to feed you rumbling stomach.  Have you lost your honor as a warrior, Oca?



Chieftain Oca:  I will rather experience those torments rather than jeopardize the existence of our clan, the other clan decided to stand up against the kingdom, but I hate to tell you they’re all gone now.


Caliope:  This is not a request Oca, I command you.


Chieftain Oca:  You are no longer in the position to make one.


Before Caliope can react on what Oca said, Mhyra and Crox barge into the room where the two of them are talking.


Mhyra:  Father!  The Knight Sergeant is here.  You, young man should hide here, you are not safe if Rubio finds out that you are not from this clan.


Oca appeared a little bit nervous considering that they have an unwelcomed visitor within their territory.


Chieftain Oca:  I would appreciate it if you keep yourself hidden from their eyesight.


Caliope:  I will “fisherman”.


Chieftain Oca nod in disappointment after hearing Caliope called him a fisherman.  He used to be a proud warrior of his clan, but now he’s just as Caliope said… A fisherman.


Meanwhile outside, Rubio and his men are arresting five men from the Hollios clan; they believe that those 5 men have committed a crime against the kingdom by stealing some of the fish.  Chieftain Oca was so surprised to saw the commotion between the Hollios and the kingdom’s army.


Rubio is a tall dark haired man; he has this unique marking in his eye to designate his ranking as a knight sergeant.  Unlike some of the present army he does not possess any long weapons.  He wears armor with the symbol of a Manticore that represents the 12th battalion.


Chieftain Oca:  Sergeant Rubio, what is happening here?

Rubio:  You have no right to question me old man, I will do anything I want.

Hollios 1:  Those fishes are not only for the kingdom, you have no right to leave us a few rotten fish while the kingdom enjoys most of the fishes that we harvest on the ocean.


Rubio throw a needle on the poor fisherman and not long before he did, the fisherman died.


Rubio:  Anyone else who wants to share his opinion?  Maybe you Oca have one?

Chieftain Oca:  Nothing… Nothing at all.


Mhyra was about to say something but Oca look at her seriously as if instructing her not to cause further damage.


Rubio:  Remember this everyone, everything you can see and feel belongs to the Kingdom of Norecia, be happy that you are allowed to eat some of the kingdoms possession, be grateful that the kingdom allowed you to stay on this piece of land.  Do you understand that?


Oca:  Loud and clear sergeant Rubio.


Rubio:  Very well, take these thieves to the barracks, I have something for them.


Before they left Oca approach one of the fishermen held captive by the knights.


Oca:  Don’t worry’ I’ll look after your family.


Hollios 2: Oca!  This is not the life I dreamt for my family.  I can see now why the Norecia appointed you as our Chieftain; you are worsening the fear in our heart.  Don’t bother looking after them; they are well capable of surviving on their own.



The whole clan looked at Oca, waiting for him to do something about these atrocities.  But Oca just stood on his ground while helplessly looking at those captive individuals vanishes from his eyesight.  They look disappointed.  Oca took one of the Mavila and went to the ocean where he usually goes to contemplate.  Meanwhile Mhyra went to the room where Caliope and Crox were hiding.


Mhyra:  I heard the things you and my father talked about.  When do you plan to strike?


Caliope:  As expected of you.


Mhyra:  Let me first give you a hint about what happened to this town as I remember it.  And also the things I learned about Rubio and his army.  Rubio is the knight sergeant of the 12th squad; he uses needles to kill his enemies.  He is also protected by two knight bannerettes.  One is a woman named, Lila, said to possess the ability to destroy his enemies by using fantasies and Quatre who can multiply himself.


Caliope:  I saw what happened a while ago, I think there is more to it than those needles.  We will see.  But more importantly we need support.


Mhyra:  Don’t worry about it, though the kingdom forbid us to use our water abilities, Some of us secretly trained whenever we are out there fishing on dangerous water areas, where the armies of the kingdom would not even dare to follow us.


Caliope:  The three of us will charge into the main barracks while the other will create a commotion outside.  Tell the others to seal the exit, make sure no one gets out of this place, the moment the news reach the kingdom, we will all be doomed.


Mhyra: The news will reach the queen no matter what happen, what are we going to do after that?


Caliope:  Crox has some plan for that.


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