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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 6

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Vainslayer Legend of Regata

Chapter 6 Betrayals


Mhyra started to spread the news about their plans to attack the barracks of the knight sergeant.  More than scared, it seems that the whole town has been waiting for this day to liberate them of the kingdom’s slavery.  Every male in that town has their own prepared battle suit made from the toughest scale of a sea monster and a weapon from the teeth and bones of the most vicious sea creatures.




Hollios 1:  I’ve had enough of the kingdom’s slavery; it’s time to take back our pride.  It’s better to be dead than to be treated worse than a trash.




Hollios woman:  Mhyra the women of this town are also ready to fight, we also prepared for this day, and each of our ability may come in handy.




Mhyra:  I have a different task to each one of you.  Half of the women would act like weaving the fish net at the town entrance to serve as a spy on whoever will enter the town.  Make sure you will have enough time to signal us on whoever might halt our plans.  The other half would go to the sea and hum the “Dance of the Waves”




Hollios 2:  Half of the woman?  One woman could raise the tide with a foot by that Hymn, half of our Women would bring destruction.  That may not affect us, but the two strangers who came to help us will surely be in danger.




Unknown to them Caliope was already listening to their conversation.


Caliope:  We are not going to be harmed by that destructive force; anyone blessed with the elements of God Umbra can never be harmed with his elements.




Mhyra:  That explains why you can control the water.




Caliope:  I can control the 6 elements.  I have been bestowed with the grace and guidance of the God Umbra.  And believe me when I say that we will win this battle.




Meanwhile Oca went to the barracks of the Knight Sergeant to negotiate the freedom of the other Hollios fisherman.




Oca:  I have some information for you about the traitors in the land.  If you promise that you will let go of the others in exchange for the capture of this traitor, I will bring them to you.




Rubio:  Oca, Oca, How many times do I need to tell you that you are in no position to negotiate with the kingdom, you are a slave.  But I have to admit that you have a tempting offer.




Oca:  I am very well knowledgeable about that.  But this person poses a threat not only to your leadership but also to the kingdom.




Rubio:  Very well Oca, bring them to me and I will let go of the prisoners.




Oca:  We have a deal then?


Rubio: We have a deal.




Oca left the barracks thinking if he did the right thing.  But this is the only way he could think of in order for the others to be freed; he has no choice but to do it.




Lila:  Don’t tell me, you really agreed to his terms and will free my pets.




Rubio:  No, I won’t.  After he brings the traitors here, I will kill them all including Oca.  I will send a report to the kingdom that Oca was helping this traitor…. Quatre!  Go follow Oca and bring me some information about this traitor.  Be sure that no one will recognize you.




Quatre:  By all means.




Quatre split himself into two. One of them stayed inside the barracks and the other followed Oca.




Lila:  I am always fascinated with your multiplying ability. No wonder you always managed to stay alive after every battle.




Quatre:  There’s more to my skill than just multiplying.




Oca noticed the commotion happening at the town.  He went straight into his house and found a number of people including Mhyra, Crox and Caliope.  Each of them is prepared to go for the battle.




Oca:  What is the meaning of this?




Mhyra:  We will attack the barracks of the knight sergeant tonight.  We are not requiring you to do the same father, since I know you have lost all your will to do so.




Hollios:  It’s been too long since we last felt the real freedom, it seems that the only freedom we can have is when we are dead, so we rather fought for our freedom than die without trying.




Oca:  But the kingdom will eradicate this clan once she found out.




Caliope:  We have a plan for that.  But in the meantime, arrest this man.  He is a mole in this clan; He went to the barracks to report our plans.




Mhyra:  Father!  How could you.






Quatre was watching the village from afar and saw the people preparing for something.  He was about to leave and report it to Rubio but Crox stopped him.




Crox:  You will not leave this town.




The grasses on Quatre’s foot grew and bind him.  But Quatre multiplied and managed to untie himself.


Quatre:  You don’t think for a second that you will be able to capture me, do you?  I am a knight bannerette and you are a mere Nerian.

Next Chapter:

Quatre vs. Crox

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