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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 7

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 Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 7

Quatre vs. Crox


The information brought by the sound of the wind was right, good thing Caliope instructed Crox to wait at the outskirt of town and see if there are any strange individual watching the town.


Crox:  Do not underestimate us Nerian; we have worked day and night for us to strengthen our body.  And I have a special treat for you.

(Crox chant an incantation)


“Breath withering leaves of the tress, Hear my summon before you nourish the soil, let my words reach you and sway once more, Carry this sinner to the oblivion with you, Leshaniel!!!!”


The withered leaves started to move and sway with the wind, some of the withering leaves surrounded Crox like a shield while the others are circling Quatre.


Quatre: (Laugh) You don’t think for a second that these bunch of withered leaves could hold me do you.  What a weak incantation. (Laugh)


Quatre tried to move out of the circle, but as one leaves touched him it sliced his cheek like a sharp knife.  He was so surprised that a withered leaves could hurt him.


Crox:  I thought I told you never to underestimate the power of a Nerian.  Every leaves that are surrounding you possess the sharpness of a sword.  SO what are you going to do now?


Quatre:  I have to say I’m impressed but not that good.


Quatre draw his sword, and made a very weird movement, similar to a dance that a tribe used to dance during a big celebration, Quatre was very flexible that he managed to evade the leaves; some leaves are being deflected by his sword.


Crox did not waste any moment, he held a tree nearby and its fruits start shooting the seeds like a high powered gun.  But Quatre managed to evade all of his attack.  Quatre attacked Crox with the sword; fortunately Crox’s leaves protected him from being wounded by the sword.


Quatre: Pssh!  These leaves are very annoying.


Once again, Quatre multiplied himself into two and tried to scatter the leaves, But Crox is aware of his plan, the grass on Quatre’s feet grew bigger like a bamboo, Quatre is an inch away in being pierced by the bamboo, and not just that, the bamboos made it a bit difficult for him to move.


“Let thy mirror, reflect everything in me, let my sword vanquish the enemy and slice everything I see, Grant me with thy abilities Oh Hemnos.  Kasara!!!”


Upon shouting “Kasara” numerous swords started to appear out of nowhere, some of the sword are spinning and sliced the bamboo trees. That reveals Crox location.  But the bamboos kept on growing and it seems like an endless routine.


Crox:  *It’ll be the end of me once he gets rid of these bamboos*


Quatre:  You can’t possibly hide forever, I wonder how long your powers can keep up, this technique might be draining your stamina faster than I think.


Quatre is right, using “Leshaniel” was hard enough and the controlling of the bamboo trees is too much for him, one by one the withered leaves started to fall down.  The bamboos stopped growing, Crox is at his limit.


Quatre:  Well, Well, Well.  What just happened there?  (Laugh)


Quatre was about to stab Crox with his sword, when Crox started laughing.


Crox:  You might want to look up before you do that.


Quatre was so surprised to see that the bamboos he sliced a while ago are hanging in the air; the sharp tip of it is aiming toward Quatre.


Quatre:  (Laugh) I couldn’t care less if this body dies, As long as one body of mine exist I will still survive.




Caliope:  Hold it right there!!!


Crox:  And I thought you will never come.


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