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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 8

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Vainslayer Legend of Regata

We Are Hollios

One struck of Mhyra’s arrow and Quatre’s body vanished in an instant, everybody was amazed on what happened.


Mhyra:  Where did he go?  What happened?

Caliope: That is merely a duplicate of his body; the duplicate disappeared upon receiving damage.

Crox:  That is a duplicate that almost killed me, how powerful can the main man be?  And to think they are nowhere near the rank of the Minestros.  Do we really stand a chance against them?

Caliope:  You are lacking some faith on the God Crox.  I thought I told you that I will make you stronger than them; I never thought you took it as a joke.


Meanwhile on the knight sergeant barracks, Quatre is now aware that his duplicate has been slayed; Rubio was pissed on a fact that they didn’t gather any information about the infiltration of the said enemies of the kingdom.


Rubio:  Useless!  Now we only have to rely on Oca if he’ll really bring us the traitors.

Quatre:  I am sure my lord that they do not stand a chance against us.  It took time before they can defeat someone who is just a duplicate, of who I am, not even a duplicate who possess half of my power.

Lila:  I am sure of that, and besides if Oca will fail on capturing the enemies, I’d be more than glad to intervene in the battle, this life is getting too boring, it’s about time that we put a use of our combat ability.

Rubio:  You’re right; I am missing the excitement of a battle.



On the other hand, Oca was suggesting a plan to Caliope and the others.


Oca:  Believe me it is the fastest way to penetrate the barracks of the knight sergeant.

Crox:  Why do I find it hard to believe that? Oh. Wait, yes you betrayed us.

Mhyra:  Careful of what you say, you are just a guest and no matter what he did he is still the town leader and my father.

Crox:  Did I say anything wrong?  Everything that I said is just true.

Caliope:  Silence you two. Focus your energy on our enemies and not on each other.  Besides if we are to infiltrate the barracks, we want to minimize casualties as much as possible…How many armies does the barracks contain Oca?

Oca:  About a hundred, the security is pretty tough, there are 4 guarding the gate and make sure that at least 20 are continuously roaming around the walls.  There is no way you can bring down that wall easily, but with my plan we can easily charge on the main room and defeat the rest.  Besides the two of them are bannerettes and there’s no way the three of you can handle them.  I will handle the original Quatre and the young man and my daughter can handle Lila.  You on the other hand can easily defeat Rubio.

Crox:  Now?  I am out of my energy and I need a rest.

Mhyra:  Quit your whining, we have to move tonight if we want to attack the barracks, every minute past brings us a chance for them to find out about our coup’d-etat.

Caliope:  Mhyra is right, here drink this, it is a  juice extracted from the root  of the Dannara.  This should heal your wounds and replenish your energy.  Take the time from now till tonight to rest.  Meanwhile Oca and I have some serious talking to do.



The night has come too quickly, the Hollios men are all marching toward the barracks, Mhyra, Caliope and Crox are tied and accompanied by Oca.  As planned half of the woman of the village are now prepared to chant the legendary hymn of the Hollios.  Half of them are summoning the power of the rain.


Oca:  Open up the gate, I have brought the traitors of the kingdoms as promised.

Guard 1:  Only Oca can go inside, the rest of you should wait here.

Oca:  And what it they escape?  Are you willing to take that responsibility?

Guard 2:  The guards inside are enough to make sure they never escape:

Oca:  Very well.


They all started to walk toward the  structure where Rubio can be found.  After sometime they have reach the main room.


Oca:  Rubio, here’s what I promised, now keep your end of the bargain and release my people.

Rubio:  Oca, I never expected that you’ll keep your promise, you are what as they said, a trained puppy of the kingdom.  Guards send all of them into prison including Oca, and murder the whole clan of Hollios!

Oca:  How could you!!!

Caliope: KADAMA!!!


A strong wind blew each of the enemies and pushed them on the wall.


Caliope:  Oca, strike the rope that is keeping the gate shut, Crox and Mhyra, free all the prisoners and let them drink the Dannara.  The rule of the kingdom on this part of the world will end tonight!


Oca:  We will finally gain the lost honor of the Hollios clan.  Prepare to be punished by the anguish of the waves.


From that distance, Oca aim on the rope and was successful on striking it causing the gate to open, The guards were so surprise when they saw that the 4 armies guarding outside was all killed.


The Hollios was successful on entering the wall,  a Horn was blown to give a signal to the Hollios woman.  The rain are starting to fall and the waves are now getting violent.


Next Chapter:

We are Hollios 2

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