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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Chapter 9

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We are Hollios 2


Mhyra and Crox run down to the basement to search where Rubio are keeping some of the Hollios as prisoners.  They know how important it is to free the prisoners; they need all the reinforcement they can get.  One minute they’re late and the Hollios fighting outside can be massacred.   They just can’t allow that.


After a few moments, they stumbled upon a room with two doors.


Crox:  We’ll take the door at the right!

Mhyra:  And what if you’re wrong, we can’t afford to waste time here!

Crox:  You’re right take the door at the left and I’ll take the other at the right.

Mhyra:  Be careful, if by chance you found the prisoners room, lead them out.  Do not come back for me.  I can handle myself.


Meanwhile Caliope, Oca and Rubio are preparing to start their fight.  When someone at the back charged Oca making him fell out of the window, and into the ground.  It was Quatre, he was about to charge Caliope when Rubio stopped him.


Rubio:  Stop!  This one is mine.  I can feel a high surge of energy flowing unto her.

Caliope:  A one on one battle, do you think you can handle me all alone?

Rubio:  We’ll see.


Quatre jump outside the window.  Oca was already on his feet when he came face to face with Quatre.

Quatre:  I knew you had it in you, Oca.  Just when I thought that this land is too boring, you appeared and gave as an entertainment.

Oca:  Very well then. Let me entertain you with my fighting ability.


The rain pour down to the land of Hollios, the rain was too strong that it tends to blur your vision.  Oca started to move his hand like he’s weaving something; it was too fast, almost invisible to the naked eye. Quatre multiplied himself and surround Oca. There are at least 22 Quatre surrounding him, some of them attacked Oca, but the rain Oca was weaving tuned into a thin sharp object that sliced their bodies.


Quatre:  Hmmm the famous absolute defense of the Hollios, I never thought it really exists.  Letting your mantra flow out of your hands and into the rain, turning it as a vicious weapon.  I’m impressed.

Oca:  You don’t seem too worried, just a few moments and I will disappear from your sight.

Quatre:  Yeah this rain is getting on my nerves.  But can’t you hear the shout of your clan?  They were being murdered by the guards, it is just expected since they were mere fishermen and we are part of the royal guards.

Oca:  Listen very carefully on whose agony is that.  Years of working on the sea made us tough and strong; we are getting stronger everyday while we battle sea monsters and cruel weather, while the likes of you rot here.


Oca was right; if the rain will continue to pour they will be at a disadvantage.

Quatre: Pshhh what’s taking Lila so long?



On the other hand, Mhyra already reached the end of the path, she ended up in a wide room, and it was very dark so she decided to light a fire using the torch inside the room.   She was so shocked to see the rottening corpse inside the room.  She was not alone she’s sharing the room with a chimera; the chimera is a disgraced creation from God, looks like the kingdom is experimenting with the creatures of Regata.  It was a mixture of Tartaro, a land creature with a tough shell, with the broad wings of Killia, combined with a Hollios.  This is blasphemy; all the while the kingdom has been keeping them as prisoners to turn into this one.


Mhyra:  Oh my, Crox is in trouble, I have to warn him.


She was about to turn her back and warn Crox when the creature attacked him.  The creature cannot speak, it look like a zombie who was trained to attack anyone who will try to leave the room.  Judging from the corpse inside the room there are guards who were slayed by these creatures.  She can no longer turn her back.  She has to face this creature and hope that Crox will be fine.



Back at the town where half of the women of Hollios were summoning the rain.


Lila:  That is a bit annoying.  Oh well I hope I’ll enjoy in killing each one of you.

Hollios woman 1:  It is one of the knight bannerettes.  What are we going to do?

Hollios woman 2:  Continue on doing it, we will face her, even if it means our death.

Lila:  Brave Woman indeed, are you forgetting that I am a knight bannerette and you are a fisherman.

Hollios woman 3; Are you deaf?  One of us just acknowledged you’re rank, but you are mistaken on one thing.


The woman started drawing their weapons.  Some of them turned into water that started to surround Lila.


Hollios woman 3:  We are not just fishermen, we are Hollios.


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