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Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Prelude

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Vainslayer Legend of Regata

It is the Third phase of the red moon in the year of the Goddess Alora, the 36 clans of the race of the Anthemia are standing in the dessert of the Redentor, the same place where the thousand years of battle occurred between the Imensia Clan and the Clan of Reema that formed the so called nation of Anthemia.  

The champions of each clan stand side by side with the leaders of the clans, some of the heroes includes Galophenia, the archer who possess the ancient bow of Terima, the same bow that obliterated the civilization of the ancient Talos. Alodia, the wizard that can rival that of the power of the Gods and Goddesses on the divine land of Perius. Gonta a warrior who can tear dragons apart with his bare hands, and a thousand more warriors whose names can only be heard on the book of legends.

This war will predict the future of the Anthemia, they are determined to stop the foreign land of Norecia in conquering their land. The Norecia who possess the ability of life and death, will they be able to stop the horde of enemies that will come their way?

 “Someone is standing on the other side of the desert”  shouted by a warrior on the clan of Sephero that holds the ability of sights and sounds.

“Prepare for battle!!!” Queen Esmeralda exclaimed

 But before she can draw her sword the man from the Sephero stopped them.

“Wait, it’s a child”

 A collection of bursted laughter echoed in the Redentor desert.

Queen Esmeralda:  Henos!  Itara!  Come here quick

 (Henos and Itara  were the one who control the power of lightning and thunder)

 Queen Esmeralda: Use both your speed to take the kid away from the battle field, make sure the child will be fine.

 Henos and Itara responded with an impeccable speed, and before everyone knows it,  they already reached the other side of the dessert.

 Henos: “What are you doing here child, this place is not safe”

Itara:  The army of Norecia will be here in any moment, let us pick him up and leave; we’ve got so many things to do tonight.

Henos:  come here quick!

Unknown Child:  No place will be safe for an Anthemian like you….

The man from Sephero who was keenly observing the event was so surprised on what he witnessed.

“My Queen, Henos and Itara are dead! The child killed them”

 Esmeralda:  This is no time for joke; those two cannot be killed by a mere child.

 Before she even knows it darkness covered the red moon, that night only the scream and agony of the armies of Anthemia can be heard, and then a total silence.  The sound of the wind that carries the stench of blood emanates all over the land.   The unknown kid was standing in the shore as if waiting for someone to come. 

 “Good Work Minestro tres” A silhouette of a lady appeared on the kid’s back.

 Minestro Tres:  “As instructed my Queen, I kept the old man Horacio alive”

Horacio:  You are a part of the thirteen Minestros!  Who could’ve known? And you how could you do such things, Didn’t you fought side by side with Queen Esmeralda during the Thousand Years?

Queen:  Silence!  You are merely alive to help us decipher the book of Belamus, the book that holds all the answer to every question; I’ve heard that the gift of understanding was bestowed upon you Horacio.

Horacio:  I will not do such thing!

Minestro Tres:  Oh yes, you will.  Believe me you will decipher it. (Laughter), You!  Bring the book here at once.

 Queen:  Cambria, take care of this impertinent fool. (A woman with a patch on her eyes approached the Queen)

Cambria:  Yes my Queen

Queen:  You see Horacio, Cambria possesses the ability to pollute anyone’s mind, she can definitely brainwashed you and help us in achieving our goal.

Cambria took off the patch in her eyes and reveals a dark hole in it.

 Cambria:  Horacio, tell us how to utilize this book of Belamus.

Horacio:  The book’s page will be opened by offering a life.

In a split second the queen slit the throat of a guard who holds the book

Queen:  There! So what’s next?

 The book glimmered and revealed text that no one can read.

Cambria:  Horacio read the text.

 The Gods and Goddess of Perius will be blind and deaf on their shouts and agony

3 phases of moon and 3 phases of sun will wither,

 but will bring the 6 lights

6 lights that will end the darkness

The 20 phases of the sun and moon and  the lady with the staff will scream in fear


Queen:  Stop Horacio, what does the book mean

Horacio:  It means that you will be spared of the Gods judgment in the next three years,  During those three years 6 new warriors will be born,  And after 20 years your nation will be obliterated.

Queen:  Bring Horacio in the castle!  Minestro Tres! Massacre the remaining warrior’s clan.  Do not touch the nation of slaves, we might find them useful with their mediocre abilities.…………..

After   19 years……….

“Vainslayer Legend of Regata” is a weekly series written by Aldren Castro and featured on Be sure to check out all the of the story on the Vainslayer Legend of Regata page.






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