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Valve’s Introduces Steam OS

Posted on 9/23/2013 by with 1 comment

Steam OS

Steam has announced a plan to bring gaming from the PC to your TV with its new operating system Steam OS.

This also allows for the sharing of games over the family networks along with being able to play your PC based steam games on the steam OS.

Only a few details are now, but we know that the Steam OS will be built on the Linux platform. Steam has set dates for a couple more major announcements next month with the possibility of some new type of gaming hardware and maybe a new game in the half-life series.

We’ll keep you posted when more details on the new Steam OS as they are released.

To learn more about the Steam OS on there site.

One response to Valve’s Introduces Steam OS

  1. On September 26th, 2013 at 11:35 am , Aeryk Pierson said...

    This is intriguing to me, more for my kids than for myself, but—and there’s always a but—I’m sure if it’s there I would find a use for it.

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